Who Is The Last Boss In Elden Ring?

Although Elden Ring’s final boss isn’t the most difficult in the game, it’s also not among the easiest.

Radagon of the Golden and Elden Beast, the final boss in Elden Ring is two fights stacked on top of each other. The fight is divided into two phases where you fight each boss seperatly. Radagon of the Golden begins next Elden Beast

Radagon of the Golden
Radagon of the Golden

During the first phase of the final fight, the player will face Radagon of the Golden Order, a ruined human figure and the second husband of Queen Maricka. Elden Ring’s endgame boss fight is tough, comparable to some other endgame boss fights in the game.

A figure with orange hair swings the hammer that shattered the Elden Ring with one arm. However, we soon learn that this fight was to prevent the Tarnished from colliding with the Elden Beast, the game’s actual final boss.

The Elden Beast is an incarnation of the Greater Will and Order and an otherworldly creature. It is a giant creature that towers over the player with gold accents on a black body that shimmers in the light.

As it storms through the battle arena and dives under the water, it looks like a sea serpent/loch Ness monster hybrid. It possesses the power of the Elden Ring, and its attacks, while slow, are powerful. In addition to this, the final bosses’ massive health and giant arena allow them to maneuver around the player with ease.

You have successfully completed the game if you defeat the Elden Beast. In addition to receiving the “God Felled” message, you will receive 500,000 Runes and be able to enter New Game Plus.

What to do after you defeat the last boss in Elden Ring?


Even after defeating Radagon and the Elden Beast, there is still a lot to do in order to wrap up the main plot. Getting to the final stage of the game can take days, but exploring Elden Ring’s entire map will take much longer. After finishing the game, players will have access to Journey 2. With this game plus version of Elden Ring, you’ll find tougher bosses and stronger enemies. Players can also continue to complete quests from Journey 1 if they haven’t already completed them. Likewise, players can hunt all the hidden bosses, visit Catacombs, Caves, Tunnels, and everything else they have missed.

Elden Beast
Elden Beast

What is Journey 2?

Journey 2 can be started right after completing Elden Ring. Alternatively, players can access this from the Roundtable Hold if they did not choose Journey 2 right away. All your armaments, spirits, magic, incantations, and attributes will be intact. In contrast, all Great Runes earned through defeating Bosses will disappear.

Players will lose all Sites of Grace they have saved before because the Map will be rebuilt from scratch. However, players will have all the fragments saved in their inventory. Just like in Journey 1, players will need to rediscover these Sites of Grace. Sacred Tears and Golden Seeds will respawn at every location they were found at before.

There will be merchants and other NPCs in Journey 2, while the Bell Bearing players collected in Journey 1 will be removed. All hidden weapons will also respawn, allowing players to dual-wield the same weapon if they own more than one version. In Journey 2, all of the bosses will perform stronger attacks and have more HP.

As a result of all the knowledge gained from Journey 1, players can attempt to get various different endings. As an example, you can complete Ranni’s questline early in Journey 2 to unlock the Age of Stars ending.

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