Elden Ring Green Turtle Talisman +2

In the Dark Souls series, the Chloranthy ring works similar to the Green Turtle Talisman in enhancing a character’s stamina regeneration. It is a great go-to Talisman for a variety of builds, and can therefore be used in a variety of situations.

Turtle Talisman +2
Turtle Talisman +2

The Green Turtle Talisman does not have an improved talisman, “Turtle Talisman +2”. The only way to improve its effects is by stacking  Great Turtle Shell and Pickled Turtle Neck.

The Talisman’s effect is to raise Stamina recovery speed. Even this slight boost can make the difference between escaping a surprise follow-up attack or facing it head on. A player might think that their stamina regenerates fast in the Elden Ring already, but that’s not entirely true.

On the outskirts of Summonwater Village, you will find the Green Turtle Talisman in northeast Limgrave. This village can be found by heading to the Saintsbridge Site of Lost Grace and heading east.  There is a small building with an Imp Statue surrounded by a few turtles. By activating this Imp Statue with the Stonesword Key, you will find a large stone room absolutely full of Turtles. You can find the Talisman in the chest at the back of the room – don’t worry, none of the Turtles will attack you.

“Turtles are known as a nutritious ingredient, symbolic of inexhaustible power… those who hold turtles to be wise creatures consider the practice of eating their meat to be barbarous.”

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