The Wind at Your Back Lost Ark Answers

The Wind at Your Back is a main quest that occurs in Lopang Island, they will test you with “Lopang employee qualification test” and there are a total of 3 questions to answer.

  1. On Which continent are the windbringer hills located?
    Answer 1: Arthetine
  2. Peyto borders on which sea?
    Answer 2: Sea of Gienah
  3. As a Lopang employee, who are you never allowed to fight?
    Answer 3: Customer

Step by Step how it’s done:

  1. Contact Lassena, Field Director
  2. Lassena’s letter can be read here
  3. Contact Field Director Lassena for more information
  4. Send the letter to Senior Manager Jasni
  5. Become familiar with Field Director Lassena’s basic training
  6. Review Lassena’s exam paper
  7. Take the Lopang employee qualification test and pass

The rewards for doing this quest is:

  • 130 Roster Xp
  • 9300 Silver

What is Lost Ark Quests?

This is an MMOARPG, combining several well-known genres into one. The game is a top-down, isometric ARPG with endgame PvE activities, PvP arenas, and timed daily and weekly content that is updated on a regular basis. A ship can sail you around the world to explore new islands, you can work on your Stronghold or you can spend your time at the auction house maxing out your trade skills and playing the market.

There are several quests, dungeons, and cinematic set-pieces which are incorporated into the game in order to level up over the course of a 15-20 hour story. There are three levels of content available in the endgame once you reach level 50, the end of the original level arc. These levels are Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. All three tiers of the game are availablein the North American and European versions of the game. Currently, you can reach a maximum level of 60 in the game. The moment you reach max level, the game begins to grind for your Level, which is basically your gear rating.

Players can level up alts, complete daily and weekly missions, and raid in dungeons. In addition, there are global events, PvP, collectibles, and daily and weekly events. The game doesn’t require alts, but you can run the daily and weekly challenges on them to maximize your gold. You can also try out more classes on your alts if you have the time.

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