The Truth of a Drunk Lost Ark

The Truth of a Drunk is one of the hidden stories for Rethramis. This is part of the Adventurer’s Tome, which shows the progression rate on a specific continent. Due to its hidden location, it is difficult to find.

Found furthest North of “Old Cathedral Ruins” in Rethramis Ankumo Mountain, it’s located next to a nameless sleeping NPC. Receive The Truth of a Drunk by pressing G.
Continue reading for all other stories and complete walkthrough.

The Truth of a Drunk Location
The Truth of a Drunk Walkthrough

There is an overwhelming amount of content to experience in Lost Ark, an action-adventure MMO. Among these are the Hidden Story collectibles, which can be difficult to locate. The Adventure Tome is located on the right side of the menu or by pressing N. The Truth of a Drunk is one of the Hidden Stories and will grant 1% progression rate. Here’s how to complete it.

1. Locate Border Watch Tripod

Visit the tripod named Border Watch. Travel or teleport directly to it, this is the closest location to finding the hidden story, next up is walking to Old Cathedral Ruins.

2. Travel to Old Cathedral Ruins

Located in the bottom portion of the map, Old Cathedral Ruins are part of the Ankumo Mountains. The image below shows you the exact path you need to follow, you will walk through the Border Watch Area and through the Sacred Spring to reach Old Cathedral Ruins.
Old Cathedral Ruins Location

3. Find the Bush Furthest North of Old Cathedral Ruins

As you enter you will be greeted with NPC laying on the ground, many will be named “Patient” however there is one furthest north with no name. Next to it is a bush you can interact with
Bush Furthest North of Old Cathedral Ruins

3. Interact with the Bush

By interacting with the Bush you will receive The Truth of a Drunk, interact by pressing G. This will open up an animation which has you wait for 2 seconds, once done its received
Interact with the Bush

Hidden Stories Lost Ark

“We enjoyed the journey. The kids did too. However, we met a Demon. You should cut down on your drinking. My apologies. I’ll get to see our child right away.”
This explains the content of The Truth of a Drunk

Next is to complete the other hidden missions which are linked below:

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  2. The Truth Of A Drunk
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  4. The Cursed Grave Keeper
  5. Korumba’s Cat
  6. A Knight In Shining Armor
  7. Sunflowers For My Love

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