The Secret Gates Lost Ark | Direct Answer

Lost Ark The Secret Gates is a quest located on Eternity isle where you will inspect specific locations. This Quest doesn’t show all locations and we are here to guide you through them.

Requirements to start quest:

  • Visiting Queen in Vern Castle and accept the questline “ A New Voyage”
  • Complete second quest: Wall of Procyon
  • Boat
  • Gear Level 460+

The Requirements are for passing the “The Wall of Procyon” which blocks travel to the Eternity Isle

Step 1. Travel to Eternity Isle

As you pass the requirements for Wall of Procyon it’s all about the travel there by boat, it takes around 1-4 minutes to reach. Beware of the sea’s natural hazards.

Step 2.  Enter the Eternity Isle to begin The Secret Gates

As you enter the Isle you will notice on the map to the top right 1 marker which points to the NPC Dr. Callanin who grants you the quest of The Secret Gates.

Step 3.  Accept the The Secret Gates

The NPC gives you the story about why she needs help, it happens to be mysterious  pyramid-shaped structures. A relic revealed that there are hidden entrances to this, help her investigate them.

Step 4. Investigate the locations

The objective is to travel around the map and investigate the locations which are showcased on the map, however 1 is hidden that is called “oasis”.

  • Oasis
  • Broken Monument
  • Quicksand on the Cliff

While traveling around the map beware of the creatures that spawn, they are quite hard to deal with!

Step 5. Dr.Callanin

After completing all previous steps, The Secret Gates is ready to be turned in. Go back to the NPC you met in the start and talk to it. This will complete the quest giving you the rewards.

The rewards for completing The Secret Gates

The rewards are quite big on this quest granting  you a number of useful items which are:

  • 185 Roster XP
  • 2 x Creation Fragment
  • 4 x Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch
  • 26000 Silver
  • 3000 Pirate Coin

I hope this guide gave an insight in how to do this while keeping it simple. Share with a friend and have a great day!

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