The Great Pumpkin Hunt Lost Ark

The Great Pumpkin Hunt is the first quest upon visiting Orvis Island, Lost Ark use cryptic text to force players into spending more time on the quest trying out methods to complete it. We are here to give you all the answers on completing this quest.

  • Collect fertiliser from Pumpkins
  • Defeat Monsters to Collect Information
  • Read Information Dropped F5
  • Talk to NPC To Complete Quest.

Continue reading for a detailed step by step guide.

The Great Pumpkin Hunt Guide Lost Ark

The Quest is located at Orvis Island which is surrounded by dead waters that damages your ship at an alarming rate, make sure the ship used has high durability. The island is located between East Luterra and South Rimeria

“In the world of cooking, pumpkins are widely recognized as among the best ingredients. Cuisine Researcher came here to collect some samples, but noticed something odd about the residents.”

Quest is to find the answers and bring it to the NPC named Cuisine Researcher, which requires the following requirements before the player can begin:

  • Item level 802
  • Sailing Available
The Great Pumpkin Hunt Location
The Great Pumpkin Hunt Location

1. Collect Fertiliser from Pumpkins

As the Quest is Accepted you are tasked to collect fertiliser from pumpkins, you will have to interact with pumpkins in the ground and press G. Do this to 5 different ones to unlock the next part. Beware of the enemies nearby.

Fertiliser Location on The Great Pumpkin Quest
Fertiliser Location

2. Defeat Monsters to Collect Information

After completing the fertiliser the NPC will ask you to gather information from residents to complete the Great Pumpkin Hunt. The process does not involve talking, but rather defeating 1-2 Pumpkin Monsters

Pumpkin Monsters To Defeat
Pumpkin Monsters To Defeat

3. Read Information Dropped 

“The Written Order” Will be available to read once  1-2 Pumpkins monsters are defeated, Press F5 to Read. The order is to collect living creatures to use as sacrifices, this has to be stopped and you are to return this information to the NPC

The Written Order Content

4. Meet with NPC To Complete “The Great Pumpkin Hunt”

The information you gathered is crucial for the NPC, meet with it to complete the quest. Once done you will be available to do another quest called “A Better Palate”, follow the highlighted text to learn how to complete it. So what are the rewards for completing this important quest?

Completed The Great Pumpkin Hunt
Completed The Great Pumpkin Hunt

The Great Pumpkin Hunt Rewards


Roster XP450
Trade Skill XP640
High Seas Coin Chest1

The rewards are a great boost for your success in Lost Ark. I decided to explain Courage due to it not being well known.

An indicator of courage is being able to obtain unique tasks from NPCs.

The level of courage can be increased through side quests and achievements. Leveling up courage is easy when you do Una’s task.

A courage quest is essentially a combat quest. In difficult situations, courage skills demonstrate your calmness. As you collect collectibles and succeed in tasks and activities, your courage will gradually increase. Additionally, courage potions increase your courage by 10.

I hope this solved all your questions regarding The Great Pumpkin Hunt, I wish you a lovely day and goodluck in Lost Ark

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