The Cursed Grave Keeper Lost Ark

The Cursed Grave Keeper is one of the hidden stories for Rethramis. Getting to the location is difficult due to the fact that it is hidden.

Found West of Regria Monsatery Tripod in Graveyard Area, follow the right path until Tombstones Appear and interact with them. This will grant you the hidden story
See the Full Walkthrough below and the other stories.
The Cursed Grave Keeper Location

The Cursed Grave Keeper Walkthrough

There is an overwhelming amount of content available in Lost Ark, an action-adventure MMO. One of the most difficult collectibles to find is the Hidden Story collectible.
Adventurers Tome can be accessed by pressing N or in the bottom right side of the menu. The Cursed Grave Keeper is one of the Hidden Stories that grants 1% progression. This is how you do it.

1. Visit Regria Monastery Tripod

Visit the tripod named Regria Monastery which is located in the centre of Rethramis Border, this is an Area of Rethramis. Travel or teleport directly to it, this is the closest location to finding the hidden story, from here we will walk down to the Graveyard.
Regria Monastery Tripod

2. Travel to Graveyard

The Graveyard is located on the West side of Regria Monastery Tripod, this is an eerie place where ghouls , ghosts and undead beings start to spawn. All which are aggressive, be prepared to fight your way to The Cursed Grave Keeper. Follow the right path as you enter the Graveyard.
Graveyard Location

3. Locate a Set of Tombstones 

Continue to hold the right path, eventually you will be met with a set of Tombstones that are a total of 6, this is where the hidden story lies. It’s guarded by 3 Gravediggers which is one of the lower tiered monsters in the area.
Tombstones Location

4. Interact with Tombstones

In order to receive the Cursed Grave Keeper, you are required to interact with the Tombstones by pressing G. This will cause a two-second animation to appear, once done you will receive the hidden story and 1 Courage as reward
Interacting with Tombstones

The Cursed Grave Keeper Lost Ark

The hidden story revolves around Rudric, the field boss of the region and how he became known as the cursed grave keeper. From Rudric’s entries, it seems he became fascinated with overcoming death after reading a Heretic book.

The dark powers Rudric gained helped him come back from death after being executed for this. Having been wronged, he is now seeking revenge. 

You will receive 1 Courage point for finding the hidden story. Your Adventurer’s Tome entry for the Rethramis Continent will progress when this hidden story is completed, but no other item rewards will be provided. 1% Progression Rate for finding The Cursed Grave Keeper.

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