How to Tame a Dodo in ARK?

Taming a Dodo may require a bit of patience and preparation. How much of both you need depends on the level of the dodo you are taming.

Knock the dodo out by punching it, as it passes out fill its inventory with Mejoberries. There is a possibility for the torpor to drop, feed the dodo Narcoberries if it’s about to wake up. The time to complete is 6 minute for a 150

Dodo On Ragnarok ARK

Dodo Taming Process

Begin the tame by getting it knocked out, there are a few methods to getting it unconscious. Most common tools will likely kill the dodo, here are the best one to guarantee that it survives:

  • Longneck with dart, these guarantee safety but avoid shooting at the dodos head
  • Club, being the second best option but be careful to not have too high melee damage on your character
  • Lastly the first, it’s a 50/50 chance of killing it but fairly easy method since it requires nothing.

Once the Dodo is unconscious, you can place the taming food in its inventory along with some Narcotic. Then you just wait for it to eat the food unconsciously.

Be sure to keep an eye on its torpor levels. You don’t want them to rise too high and awaken the Dodo. To raise torpor, right-click the Narcotic and feed it another. If you decide to tame a higher level we strongly recommend kibble!

Once you’ve tamed the creature, you will see a notification pop up that it’s tamed where you can name it. When the naming is done, start changing its settings so that you don’t lose it.

Dodo Gang ARK
Dodo Gang ARK

What do Dodos eat in ARK?

In order to tame the Dodo, you will need to feed it, and there is a wide variety of food you can use. Here is a list of all the food the Dodo will like (from most effective to least effective):

Effectiveness basically means that the higher the food is up the list, the faster the dinosaur will be tamed. Kibbles are always the most effective food to give dinos but only if you give them the one they like, others will have zero to no effect.

But for the early level Dodo, just regular mejo will do just fine. On the other hand, if you are going for more high-level dinos consider acquiring more advanced foods. It saves you quite a bit of time and resources.

Dodo Leveling In ARK

If you have a tamed dodo in your party, it is imperative that you increase the creature’s weight as much as possible. By increasing weight, it will be able to carry more items in it’s inventory. A Dodo’s stamina can also be improved by leveling up, but is not necessary early on. This can be boosted with level breeding.

Uses for Dodos

Let’s look at a few of the great things that dodo can be used for in order to better understand what they are capable of.

Carrier of Swamp Fever: Dodos are one of the few dinosaurs that can be affected by swamp fever, this is a disease that will lower your overall stats on the character. If your dodo hasit you can throw it at players and infect them it! ( Optional treat the dodo with vaccine )

Bait: For PVP spreading dodos around the map is a great way to keep track of enemies, when enemy players come across a tamed dodo they will most likely kill it giving you a heads up on their arrival

Dodo C4 Bombs: Early on in ARK: Survival Evolves history it was common to strap c4 on dodos and throw them at players or whistle them onto them.  Depending on their reaction or turret settings this can yield success in a raid. Past year Turtles has been a common dinosaur to use for c4 bombs due to their high health.

Dodo Egg

How to Hatch Dodo Eggs in ARK

Obtain the egg

To get a fertilized egg, you will need to breed 1 female and 1 male. Breeding requires two creatures of the same species that are the opposite sex. Enable breeding setting to begin mating.

Mating has a cooldown, so make sure the creature in question hasn’t mated recently.

To incubate an egg, you will need to keep it in an area with a steady temperature.

  • Air Conditioners x 14
  • Egg Incubator

The time and temperature at which you incubate an egg will vary. This is why air conditioners and egg incubators are the best choice. They will regulate the temperature for you.

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