Tall Tales, What Are They? Sea of Thieves 

A Tall Tale is a long, story driven quest that focuses on the Sea of Thieves story line. The majority of Tales may be started at a Tale Book, either by voting on one at the captains table or by finding one near an NPC who will provide the required Quest Items

Tall Tale Ship
Tall Tale Ship

What are Tall Tales?

Tall Tales is the second type of guided quest in Sea of Thieves. These are full-voiced, cinematic (and usually several-hour-long) swashbuckling adventures filled with fearsome baddies, deadly traps, forgotten islands, and more, and each introduces its own unique mechanical twist. Some tales grant amazing curses

The developers of Sea of Thieves have created a vast open world where players can discover new areas, uncover secrets, fight against enemies, and so much more. There is also a quest system in Sea of Thieves that is called Tall Tales. In this game, players will compete with a variety of places to visit, enemies to defeat, and treasures to loot. The Sea of Thieves tall tales guide is sought after by many players.

List of Sea of Thieves Tall Tales in order below:

  • The Shroudbreaker
  • The Cursed Rogue
  • The Legendary Storyteller
  • Stars of a Thief
  • Wild Rose
  • Art of the Trickster
  • The Fate of the Morningstar
  • Revenge of the Morningstar
  • Shores of Gold
Tall Tale 1
Tall Tale 1


How to start Tall Tales Sea of Thieves?

Many players are having a hard time figuring out how to start Tall Tales Sea of Thieves. Tall Tales are in contrast to different Quests as they are started by casting a vote at their individual Tale Books found next to explicit NPCs. These areas are set apart on the Map Table with Map Markers showing the Tale’s symbol which can be associated with when the map is zoomed in to them. These Markers can be flipped in the Game Options. More data on where to start any particular Tall Tale is additionally noted on the “More Info” page while drifting over singular Tales in the Tall Tales tab in the Reputation Menu.

A functioning Tall Tale will show up on the boat’s Voyage Table, where the group would then be able to cast a vote to drop the Tale. At the point when Crew individuals have arrived at a Checkpoint of a Tall Tale, they can likewise put these Tales up for a vote at the Voyage Table, as opposed to the Tale Book. Teams can have one Voyage and one Tall Tale active on the Voyage Table at a time. A few Tales necessitate that a player should finish a previous Tall Tale before they may start a decision in favour of it. This limitation is per player, and another crewmate who meets the prerequisites may start the actual vote.

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