Tailoring Basic Design Lost Ark

Tailoring Basic Design is a unique item in Lost Ark which is used in honing but how the hell can you use it and is it worth it?

Use Tailoring Basic Design to guarantee a 10% honing success rate, this is done at gear honing merchants. As you open the merchant you will be met with an honing option, once clicked a menu will open that allows you to apply Tailoring Basic design to increase the success rate.

Is it worth it? Other hidden uses? Read on

How to Obtain The Different Tailoring Basic Design

Tailoring Basic Design and their other tiers are dropped during events and in chaos dungeons which is only possible when aura of resonance is active. Before going into the different types of chaos dungeons  I will do a quick summary on how Chaos Dungeons work.

Endgame activities in Lost Ark, such as Chaos Dungeons, can be undertaken either solo or cooperatively with up to four other players. Slaying monsters every five minutes will fill a progress gauge in a Chaos Dungeon. Once you have defeated enough monsters, you will open a portal to a new zone and your timer will be reset. To complete the Chaos Dungeon, fill the progress gauge without running out of time.

Despite their simplicity, Chaos Dungeons are some of the most rewarding and accessible activities you can use in Lost Ark.

For optimal rewards, you should run Chaos Dungeons twice a day for each character. Upon launching a Chaos Dungeon, players receive 100 Aura of Resonance every day. A dungeon consumes 50 resonance, to receive maximum loot. The reward yield from Chaos Dungeons is smaller when you run out of Resonance. This will affect the chance of receiving the Tailoring Basic Design.
Depending on the difficulty of the Chaos dungeon the type of tailoring basic design may differ.

  • Tier 1 Chaos Dungeons = Tailoring Basic Design,Metallurgy: Basic Casting.
  • Tier 2 Chaos Dungeons = Tailoring Basic Knots, Metallurgy: Basic Folding


Difference Between Honing Books

Earlier we stated that, tailoring basic design increases honing by 10%, this effect is the same across all the different honing books but with a slight twist.

The Honing book in Lost Ark is separated by tier and armor/weapon, tailoring basic design which is the most common one works on only tier 1 Armor while the rarest one Metallurgy: Basic Folding works only on tier 2 Weapons. The graph below gives a clear overview of what can be used where.

Tailoring Basic DesignTailoring Basic KnotsMetallurgy: Basic CastingMetallurgy: Basic Folding
Works on:
Tier 1 Armor
Works on:

Tier 2 Armor

Works on:

Tier 1 Weapons

Works on:

Tier 2 Weapons

10% Honing Success Rate10% Honing Success Rate10% Honing Success Rate10% Honing Success Rate
Chaos Dungeon Tier Drop: 1Chaos Dungeon Tier Drop: 2Chaos Dungeon Tier Drop: 1Chaos Dungeon Tier Drop: 2
Resale Value:

200 Gold

Resale Value:

2500 Gold

Resale Value:

700 Gold

Resale Value:

3700 Gold

We went through each option, now all you need to do is use it. So how does the player do it?

The Different Tailoring Basic Design

How to Use Tailoring Basic Design

When you possess a gear set that can be honed and the right materials, open up the Honing NPC’s menu. Choose an item you wish to hone and max its Gear XP to unlock its honing and its success rate. You can select tailoring basic design on the right side of the screen to boost your success rate by 10%.

At levels 0-7 the hone success rate is 100% making the tailoring basic design useless. Once you reach the higher levels success rate can drop down to 40%, this is when tailoring basic design comes into hand to increase the chance.

There are two items to use to increase honing which are the honing books we are talking about and star’s breath.

Star Breath is limited to 20 usages, which allows you to increase your honing success rate up to 20%+, going from 40% to 60%. Over time, these small percentages matter more and more, and using all available items will save you gold and time.

Is honing books worth it?

Yes in higher levels, when reaching gear level 10+ it is always worth using tailoring basic design or its counterparts. It’s calculated to save ¼ of an attempt, that is a 25% less cost on honing overall meaning for big time honers this item will save plenty of gold and resources. In the late games honing could cost 10.000 Gold per level, imagine saving 2500 each 4th attempt compared to losing 7500!? That is quite a lot of gold to spend elsewhere to dominate Lost Ark. ( Calculation: 60% success rate x 20starbreath + honing book).

I hope this guide helped you out in an easy matter, good luck out there and have a great day.


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