Starfish Pet Lost Ark: How To Get It

Starfish Pet is a new pet released during the July update that included the arcanist and many summer related skins, here we go into detail about the newest pet introduced

Starfish Pet in Background Lost Ark
Starfish Pet in Background Lost Ark

How To Get Starfish Pet Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, pets are one of the most significant quality of life improvements. Any loot that drops on the ground is automatically grabbed by them wherever you go. Furthermore, they can access your storage remotely, send mail from anywhere, and even boost your combat skills.

There is one method only to this limited edition pet and it’s to purchase directly from the games store.

  • 1300 Royal Crystals – 14$

In line with the above statement, these skins are limited edition and won’t be available for purchase in the next major update. Available for a total of 70 days.

Upon acquiring a pet, press “Alt + P” to access the pet’s menu. Pets can be summoned through this menu, allowing them to auto-loot nearby items and give additional buffs if Crystalline Aura is active.

All Versions of the Starfish Pet

Starfish Pinkie

The Base skin of the new pet released in the July update, pinkish base colour that resembles patrick the starfish from Spongebob

Starfish Sway Lost Ark

Hula Inspired Skin. In Hawaii, the Polynesian people developed the Hula dance. Hawaii’s culture is expressed through song (“mele”) and chant (“oli”) that accompany a dance. Now  this little starfish brings it to Lost Ark

Starfish Hook

Lost Ark Brings life back to Captain James Hook who is a fictional character in the play “Peter pan”

Starfish Dugo

Perhaps starfish need goggles under water too.

Starfish Archie

Almost Elvis Presley himself, with this pet near all eyes will be on you.

Pet Functions

Pet functions allow you to gain access to many features that let you use them remotely. This can be done even in raids & abyssal dungeons. Crystalline Aura is required to gain access to Pet Functions. Benefits include:

  • Extra Storage– an additional 40 slots in a separate inventory.
  • Cloud Storage – You can access your Roster and Personal Storage from anywhere.
  • Market – Allows you to use the Auction House remotely. (Widgets below your minimap allow you to do this for free as well.)
  • Mail Remote – Send and receive mail from anywhere.
  • Remote Repair(Item) – Provides remote repair capabilities.
  • Reforging feature – allows you to reforge gems remotely.

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