How To Use Shield Grease Elden Ring

Shield Grease is made from a mixture of magically resonant materials. Craftable item. Coats left-hand armament, boosting guarding ability and all forms of damage negation. Primarily used on shields. Apply rules

To use Shield Grease, Locate Quick Access Slots to equip the it, press X/R button to apply the coating to the shield. Shield Coating lasts 60 seconds and boosts guarding ability and all damage negation.

How To Craft Shield Grease?

Shield Grease requires the Glintstone Craftsman’s Cookbook (4) and the following Crafting Materials:


Video Guide on how to farm and craft:

How Many Greases Are There?

This game offers 12 different versions of Grease. Each of them has a faster counterpart that lasts longer and applies more quickly. Regular Weapons are extremely important when fighting harder bosses, and should be saved for harder fights to deal more damage and make the fight easier.

They only last for a limited time, so use them wisely. Explore them carefully, and you’re sure to find many uses for them all. Different materials can also be used for making them.


These are the variants

Where is Glintstone Craftsman’s Cookbook (4) Found?

From Liurnia of the Lakes, head northwest until you see what looks like a semisubmerged town. Find the building with enemies on it and the bell tower without a bell. A chest with this cookbook is inside the bell tower of this building.

Knowledge Received:

  • Magic Pot
  • Shield Grease
  • Roped Magic Pot


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