Shadow Alar Skin : For Free

Lost Ark is famous for offering its players a wide variety of skins, costumes, and items to choose from. However, there may be certain skins for certain classes. Some of these you might have to purchase while others can be gained as gifts or by completing events.

Shadow Alar Skin is available in the Vanquisher bundle and ingame for game currency. 

Here we go into detail how to obtain it for free and the other Alar Skins

What is Shadow Alar Skin and how to obtain it?

The Shadow Alar Skin is a skin from Lost ARK that is available in the Alar Skin Set pack, this pack will give you the skin that matches your character. To obtain the shadow alar skin you will have to be Gunner Class.

There are two methods to purchase this, either with real money from Amazon/steam or with crystals. You will need 840 Blue Crystals or 2000 Royal Crystals, buying with royal crystals will allow you to trade this skin with others and different characters but these cost real money. Blue is not tradable in any way. the Alar Skin Pack is available in the store.

Blue Crystal Currency Exchange Lost ARK
Blue Crystal Currency Exchange Lost ARK

How To Get Blue Crystals in Lost Ark?

To avoid confusion with other currencies, the community calls them Blue Crystals instead of Crystals. Many of the items can be purchased with them, but not all. Also, they can be used for roster upgrades, such as card collections and roster banks.

Blue Crystals come from in-game rewards, gold(exchange), and real money.
The easiest way to obtain them is by doing these tasks:

  • Daily Rewards – Daily rewards will give you items, crystals and gold
  • Events – Depends on the current active one
  • Chaos Gate – Available once per day
  • Chaos Dungeons – Crystals, gold and items
  • Field Bosses – Crystals, gold and items
  • Excavating Items – Farm and sell
  • Foraging Items – Farm and Sell

Some of these will only grant you gold and not blue crystals, when this happens go to the currency exchange and exchange the gold coins to blue crystals!

Credit: Lost ARK Forum

What other Alar Skins can you get?

  • Auroch Alar Skin (Warrior)
  • Hierax Alar Skin (Martial Artist)
  • Volant Alar Skin (Martial Artist)
  • Sicarius Alar Skin (Assassin)
  • Stygian Alar Skin (Gunner)
  • Shadow Alar Skin (Gunner)
  • Telestic Alar Skin (Mage)

With the 840 Blue Crystal farmed you are now available to purchase any of these skins. The process of equipping Lost Ark skins is usually as simple as right-clicking them from your inventory. Using the Character Profile window, you can mix and match outfits or set up hot-swappable presets.
You will also be able to dye them so make sure you check our dye guide out after acquiring your dream alar skin.

How To Dye Skins Lost Ark?


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