Raid Captain Lost Ark

Raid Captain is an advanced engraving in Lost Ark which can be amazing with the right setup, here you will find all the answers. Raid Captain will be summarised below, however you won’t want to miss some crucial information that comes.

Applies Damage based on movement speed, 140% movement speed grants the player a 18% damage buff. 1458 Swiftness with Lv. 3 Spirit Absorb grants 140% movement speed. This allows Maximum Usage of Raid Captain.
Continue reading to learn all nifty tricks and how it’s done.

Raid Captain Lost Ark

Raid Captain How Does It Work

This article will go into heavy detail on raid captain and each aspect of it, to fully understand it you need to understand what an engraving is and how it’s used. Follow the link for an advanced guide, with this out of the way let’s begin.

Raid Captain has 3 different levels that affect your outgoing damage, this means all damage your character can deal. Abilities, spells, potions etc.

  • Lv. 1 Outgoing Damage +10% of basic Move Speed bonus percentage.
  • Lv. 2 Outgoing Damage +22% of basic Move Speed bonus percentage.
  • Lv. 3 Outgoing Damage +45% of basic Move Speed bonus percentage.

We want to maximise movement speed in order to maximise damage output. Using the engraving to its full potential requires a movement speed of 140. 140% movement speed will get you this much damage:

  • Lv. 1 Outgoing Damage +4.5%
  • Lv. 2 Outgoing Damage +9.9%
  • Lv. 3 Outgoing Damage +18%

It’s easy to understand how it works, but getting 140% movement speed without reducing your overall damage is difficult. How it’s done will be explained next.

How to use Raid Captain Correctly

The engraving is 100% focused on movement speed which many know is a stat that does not deal damage, having to focus on movement speed can seriously harm your overall damage if not done correctly. Raid Captain is highly focused on players with high ilvl, they have higher swiftness than average players. This allows them to best use the engraving, lower iLvl Players can suffer by using this.

Best Thing To Do:

Get 1450+ Swiftness and Lvl 3 Spirit Absorb, this alone will grant you max usage of Raid Captain. ( Notice: High iLvL needed to reach 1450+, In detail further down)

Optional Solutions:

  • Yearning  Armor Set, this is a late game item which is hard to obtain. Buffs Varies depending on Class/tier.
  • Enraged Nature Armor Set, +8% Movement Speed (Obtained in Rohendel Abyss Dungeon)
  • Fledgling Weapon +5% Movement Speed (Gear Merchant Druni, East Luterra)
  • Bard: Play with or as bard to use their buffing abilities

Raid Captain Build Options

Use Swiftness and Spirit Absorb to Max Raid Captain

In Lost Ark, swiftness refers to the speed of your character. Among them are your movement skill, movement speed, attack speed, and cooldown speed for your class skills. We will focus mainly on the movement speed section of it.

Swiftness is gained from jewellery, the better the jewellery the more swiftness. This can also be further improved by honing.

You can easily see your amount movement speed your swiftness gives by hovering over the swiftness skill but below you can get an overview:

  • Swiftness 1458 : 25.04%
  • Swiftness ​​1174 : 20.16%
  • Swiftness ​​904 : 15.52%
  • Swiftness ​​634 : 10.89%
  • Swiftness ​​294 : 5.05%

( 1 point of swiftness gives you 0.01717292117038152538506519792266%)

As you can see, you will need an abundance of Swiftness to reach 40%, this is why the build is aimed for late-game players.

Pair Swiftness with Spirit Absorb Lv 3 to get a total of 40% bonus, this will give you 140%, the maximum amount. To Lvl Spirit Absorb you use spirit stones with Spirit Absorb, facet it to further boost it. 

This sums up all there is to know about Raid Captain, don’t hesitate to leave a comment and I’ll answer any of the questions!

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