Picnic Basket Lost Ark What to do

Picnic Baskets in Lost Ark serves 1 function and that is to exchange them for rewards, there is one method for exchanging them.

Exchange Picnic Baskets via Una’s Task. Start “A Great Beer Snack” which will lead you to Fryturr in Gesbroy. Talk to the NPC who will take 5 Picnic Baskets in exchange for rewards.

Continue reading to learn how to farm and use these picnic baskets

Picnic Basket Lost Ark

What to do with Picnic Baskets Lost Ark

Picnic baskets are first available in Gesbroy which is an Island North of Vern, the quest that grants Picnic Basket is “The Secret of the Sweet Beer”. This quest is all about harvesting honey and is available every other hour. Now with that out of the way, what are they used for?

In the late game of Lost Ark you will be met with Una’s Task bar which is a quest system that allows you to farm additional items and experience, there is a quest called: A Great Beer Snack. This quest is the only place to exchange your picnic baskets.

How to Complete A Great Beer Snack

There are 3 steps to complete the quest, we will walk you through each step of it. The quest is available each our and picnic baskets can only be returned once per day!

Step 1:
Travel to Gesbroy Island which is surrounded by a sandstorm, take the shortest path from Yorn’s Cradle.

Gesbroy Island Location

Step 2:
Complete The Secret of the Sweet Beer that is available every hour and is located in the middle of the map, you will harvest honey in a team. Once done you will receive 5 picnic baskets

Harvest Honey for Picnic Basket Lost Ark

Step 3:
Accept Una’s Task “A Great Beer Snack” and meet the NPC Fryturr who is located on Gesbroy Island

Step 4: 
Talk to the NPC and give her the picnic basket, you will be granted with Roster XP, Providence stones and Reputation Points

picnic basket

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