Paraceratherium the Giraffe Dinosaur Ark

Giraffe dinosaur, P*nis Giraffe,  d*ckossaur. The Paraceratherium has many names and has been with us from the release of ARK: Survival Evolved, the changes has been few and it’s design has remained the same. But how come this dinosaur is still popular amongs tribes?


The creature, due to a lack of natural enemies because of its sheer size, is naturally docile. It will ignore humans and other creatures so long as not provoked. Once it is attacked, the animal quickly becomes dangerous. Again, because of its size and immense weight, the Paracer is an extremely deadly adversary so proceed with caution. Luckily, Paracer are solitary creatures living alone or in small family groups. They will protect their fellow herd members if necessary.


What are they good at?

In PVE: Building beautiful bases on it’s saddled platform, farming berries and breeding the ultimate paracer.
In PVP: The Paraceratherium is the best soaker in PVP, it has a natural high health and movement speed making invading enemy territory twice as easy. Make platform builds to maximize success rate in raids


What does a Paraceratherium eat?

Herbivorous dinosaurs like itself eat berries for food, and mejoberries are recommended since they provide more food per berry than any other alternative.

If your giraffe ever runs low on health, I personally recommend veggie cakes due to their healing properties.


How To Tame A Paraceratherium In Ark

The by far easiest method to taming it would be by using stone dinosaur gates, place them near a wall and lure the dinosaur into it. This method is greatly showcase in this video (Image from video)

To knock down the giraffe use tranq arrows, their preferred food when knocked down is Superior Kibble 

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