Orca Ship Skin Lost Ark

Orca Ship Skin in Lost Ark is an easy skin to obtain, and basically you can get it for free. There are a few steps you will need to follow in order to obtain this skin.

  • Complete Achievements that grant Amethyst Shards
  • Locate Amethyst Exchange Vendor
  • Receive Orca Ship Skin for 6600 Amethyst Shards

We will go into detail step by step further down the post, exact location and much more.

Orca Whale Ship Skin Ability
Orca Whale Ship Skin Ability

Step 1. Complete Achievements

To acquire Orca Ship Skin we first need to collect 6600 Amethyst Shards which is used to purchase the Orca whale ship skin , these are given from doing achievements.
Achievements To Complete:

  • “First Step. Light’s Call“
    Reaching level 50 and completing the prologue will reward you with Amethyst Shards. Your reward will be 1,000 Amethyst Shards once you complete that.
  • “Universal Troubleshooter”
    Upgrade character to Combat Level 50, This will earn you 500 Amethyst shards. Additionally, you will receive 1,490 XP and a title.
  • “We’re All Buddies!”
    Become a member of a guild. Approximately 500 Amethyst shards will be given.
  • “First Step”
    Enter Proving Grounds.
  • “Beginner’s Luck”
    You must win the Trial Arena. As a reward, you earn 2000 Amethyst shards.
  • “Favorite Person”
    Befriend 50 players that play lost ark, many ask in chat just for this achievement! Can be removed after achievement is completed. 1,000 Shards

These are all the achievements available that grant amethyst shards, the remaining way of receiving them is via Event Quests, Amazon Prime and Twitch Drops.
(Achievements found in Rooster Menue)

Step 2. Locate Amethyst Exchange Vendor

When you have enough Amethyst Shards for orca skin, you must visit an Amethyst Exchange Vendor in your city. You can trade your Amethyst Shards for a variety of items. The Notos Orca ship skin being one of them and is only available from these vendors and cannot be obtained from anywhere else.

Found in all major Cities under the name: Amethyst Exchange vendors.

Amethyst Exchange Vendor
Amethyst Exchange Vendor

Step 3. Receive Orca Whale Ship Skin

On the second page of the vendor you will see a chest named: Notos Orca Ship which is the official name for Whale ship. It costs 6600 Amethyst Shards to receive and comes in 3 different color variants, Black, Red and Green.

Orca Ship Skin Colors

Orca Ship Skin Overview

The Orca Ship skin otherwise known as the whale ship skin is an amazing feature in Lost Ark due to its ability to boost travel speed by boat.

It increases your boat’s speed by 6 knots if you have fewer than two boat members active, within this it also provides a special buff:

  • Removes all slowing debuffs available at sea, lasts for 10 minutes and is activated by pressing V on PC.

The western servers are in luck when it comes to the skin due to the price change. In korean this item is more than twice as expensive compared to the western server, the reason is due to the high value it brings to traveling. Sparing you hours

How to Equip Orca Ship Skin

Once obtained you will receive the Skin in your inventory, claim the skin by hovering over it then go to the harbor where your ship is parked. Enter the ship menu and to the bottom right you will see the Orca Ship Skin available to equip, once done you are free to roam the seas in style!

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