New Meowdy Skin Lost Ark

New Meowdy Skin in Lost Ark, Along with the latest patch, all players in Lost Ark received a massive free gift: a Gratitude Pack which was originally handed out to all the Korean players in order to celebrate the successful Western launch of the game.

However, the community was not happy with this (and rightfully so) and that resulted in this Gratitude Pack being distributed worldwide, including in our Western region. Now, all players can claim these great rewards for free by simply logging into the game!

New Meowdy Skin Lost Ark
New Meowdy Skin Lost Ark

Receive Meowdy Skin by logging in and access “Gratitude gift”, different animal skins possible to choose from.

How to Get New Meowdy Skin Lost Ark

When a player logs into the game, they will receive their selection box. The “Gratitude Gift,” which is now available from Smilegate, should be selected once inside.

When players open the chest, they will be able to choose from a variety of cosmetic items, including dog, cat, penguin, cow, dinosaur, and more. This is where you can select the Meowdy Skin

The Gratitude Gift allows players to select a brand new Animal Skin for their player and receive numerous other items as well. Players can also use these items as materials to make other fun cosmetics. Gratitude Gift items include:

  • New Animal Skin Selection Chest
  • Menelik’s Tome x5
  • Legendary Card Pack Selection Chest x2
  • Mokokon Pet Selection Chest
  • Moko-board Mount Selection Chest Lost Ark United Structure
  • Appearance Change Ticket
  • Pheons x132

This gratitude gift that includes the new meowdy skin will be removed within time! Be quick and pick it up. Additionally, the skin will be gender locked and locked to the base class you are.

All Animal Skins and Additionals
All Animal Skins and Additionals

All Animal Skins

Following the Weekly Update and maintenance period, these gifts were distributed to all players during the week of 21st March 2022. One particular gift stood out, though: an Animal Skin Selection Chest. These gifts include a variety of cosmetics and materials.

The set features a collection of animals featuring mice, cats, penguins, chickens and cows, plus a few dinosaur skins for variety based on the image supplied. Though the Animal Skins look pretty fun, colorful and unique, the compensation following the variety of issues reported and subsequently addressed is a positive note from Smilegate.

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