My Truest Friend Lost Ark : Location Map

My Truest Friend Lost is a quest located on Reminiscence through isle where you will inspect specific locations. This Quest doesn’t show all locations and we are here to guide you through them.

My Truest Friend Lost Ark Full Path
My Truest Friend Lost Ark Full Path

Important details Below

Locate Reminiscence Isle

From Wavestrand Port in East Luterra, you can easily reach Reminiscence Isle. From the port, sail directly south through the Platina Ocean, past Wisdom Isle, and into the Acheron Sea. Your ship may suffer serious damage if you set an auto-path to the island, which is surrounded by Dead Waters on three sides.

Begin My Truest Friend Lost Ark

When you depart your ship, you begin your quest for the island’s soul by investigating the strange glowing blue presence at the crossroads. According to the NPC story, his memories have been sealed away and you must find them.

First Path to Complete My Truest Friend

There are parts to complete when doing this mission, the first one being on the starting location. Image below showcase the whole path of the first part. There will be enemies along the way so gear up with some health potions and even better have a friend with you. ( Video Version Here )

My Truest Friend’s Second Path

The Second path is joining a dungeon which has a minimun requirement of gear level 460 however there will be no fighting in the dungeon… Which is odd since it has that requirement!

First Trace
Located in the start, in the left corder. You have to investigate the book who lays on a stone pillar.
Second Trace
Now you will be asked to find a second trace which is found in the second room on the floor and the desk, investigate both and the third clue will be available.

Third Trace
Located in the last room in the middle, look for the desk which is placed in the middle and has two empty candle stands placed on it. Once you interact with it an animation will begin

Last Trace
The final trace is the large tomestone, you will be pointed towards it as you finished your third trace. This will complete the dungeon.

Quest Completed

If you followed the guide step by step you will now recieve a notification for completing the quest, the quest itself give a huge amount of rewards which are;

  • 1000 Roster XP
  • 6 x Rare Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch
  • 1 x Reminiscence Isle Soul
  • 60.000 Silver

I hope this sums up this mission, if it helped feel free to share with a friend! Have a lovely day

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