Maze of The Edge Skin Lost Ark

Maze of The Edge is a skin available in Lost Ark, there is currently only 1 known method to receive this. It will take time and effort but will be worth it!

Received by completing Chaos Dungeons in any difficulty, the skin drops at random and may require a few attempts.  Maze of the Edge skin is only obtainable when Dungeon Reward is active which is once per day.

Maze of the Edge Skin Showcase
Maze of the Edge Skin Showcase

How to Get Maze of The Edge Skin Lost Ark

As stated above, to obtain the skin you will have to do Chaos Dungeons but how exactly?

Chaos dungeons have an “Aura of Resonance “ which fills up every day. This is the games indicator that the dungeons rewards will be given and an increased chance that higher qualities and quantities will be received. This is the key factor in obtaining Maze of The Edge Skin Lost Ark, it is ONLY dropped when Auroa of Resonance is active. There are 3 pieces available, legs, chest and helmet.

Step by step:

  1. Start any tier dungeon with Aura of Resonance active
  2. Complete it
  3. Random chance of it dropping.
  4. Repeat next day if not

There is one alternative method to obtaining this, it will require gold. The skin can be bought from the Auction House where players list these exact items, the price fluctuates a lot therefore i cannot give an exact price.

The skins are tradable with players but you cannot personalize them using dye.

Maze of the Edge Skin Gunslinger
Maze of the Edge Skin Gunslinger


How To Start Chaos Dungeon

Chaos Dungeons all have item level requirements and to begin the first one you will need 250. If you don’t have this amount you achieve it by completing the main quests on Lost Ark, you can identify these as blue missions, when doing the quests we recommend that you farm on your way to boost your character in the future.

Later on in the Chaos Dungeons you will need to fully complete the blue missions, this can be painful but the rewards from these dungeons are game changing.

I hope this guide cleared out how to get the Maze of The Edge Skin in Lost Ark!

Chaos Dungeon Fight
Chaos Dungeon Fight

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