Lucky Fortune Cookie Lost Ark

Lucky Fortune Cookie is a recipe in Lost Ark which is needed to complete the Adventure Tome in continent Annika. Here we will go into how to obtain it step by step.

  • Visit Port City Changhun
  • Visit the Food Merchant that is beside the clinic
  • Purchase Fortune Cookie Chest
  • Open it to receive unlucky and lucky fortune cookie

How to get Lucky Fortune Cookie Lost Ark

When traveling Lost Ark you will be met with achievements and missions all over the place, Port City Changhun is one of the places that offers a huge amount. Port City Changhun is located in the continent Anikka which has 7 unique cooking recipes one of them being Lucky Fortune Cookie. We gave a brief list in how it’s done, now we will provide step by step pictures and in debt detail

Step 1. Travel to Port City Changhun

Found in Annika region and is directly accessible by boat, the path there is safe and doesn’t offer any real threat. As you arrive in the city you will be greeted by Npc and a lovely environment.

Step 2. Visit Food Merchant Chunling

Chunling is the food merchant in Port City Changchun who provides the Lucky Fortune Cookie Chest. Located next to the town’s Clinic, she has a turquoise outfit which will stand out.

Step 3. Buy Fortune Cookie Chest

In the Ingredient section of the shop, you will find the item as soon as you greet her. The Fortune Cookie chest costs 60 silver and you will receive Unlucky and Lucky fortune cookies, with Unlucky fortune cookies being the most common. Buying around 30 cookie chests at a time will increase your chances of receiving the lucky ones.

Step 4. Recieve Lucky Fortune Cookie from the Chests

You will need plenty of chests to receive the Lucky Fortune Cookie, the average for most players has been 80 chests.
Once you receive a Lucky fortune Cookie, consume it to get the recipes in your achievements. It took us 77 chests to recieve 1 Lucky Fortune Cookie.

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