Lost Ark Skill Casting Speed

Skill Casting Speed is one of the many ways in Lost Ark to increase the strength of your characters and prepare them for content like Abyss Raids and Legion Raids. Among these mechanics is the Skill Rune System, which is a series of equippable runes that enhance your Skills.

Galewind is the skill that buffs casting speed, there are 5 different variants that grant you from 5% increase up to 16%. Skill Casting Speed will lower the casting of all spells.

What is Skill Casting Speed?

A skill rune is yet another way to customize your character in Lost Ark. These skills extend your character’s abilities. Like talent points, Tripods can be selected for each skill to modify its functionality. Additionally, Skill Runes can be added to these Tripods.

Galewind is the rune that lowers Skill Casting Speed on all spells making it the most popular. While it says “lowering casting speed” it offers a reduced animation on every single spell including charge which is released directly without having to charge. This allows it to dominate across the boards. So how do we obtain it?

  • Galewind 5%: Raid Level 1 Guardians
  • Galewind 8%: Raid Level 2 Guardians
  • Galewind 8%: Raid Level 3 Guardians
  • Galewind 12%: Raid Level 4 Guardians
  • Galewind 12%: Raid Level 5 Guardians
  • Galewind 14%: Raid Level 6 Guardians

The Difference Between Skill Casting Speed and Attack Speed

Is there a difference to begin with? This has been a community question for a long time and thanks to “Egg and Toast” who did a large amount of testing we can see if there is any difference, he tested both pre/post animation and truth be told.

Attack Speed and Skill Casting speed function the exact same. With this knowledge you could totally ignore the galewind runes since the attack speed items and spells will give you the same effects, this may be a subject of change that Lost Ark will do but as of now this still stands.

How to Equip Skill Casting Speed?

By pressing “K”, you will be able to open the Skill Rune page. On the right side of your Skills page, you’ll find Skill Runes that can be attached to any skill. To attach a Casting Speed Rune, click it. After that, click “Equip”. The Skill Rune will be attached to the skill, giving it a new effect.

In Steps:

  • Press K to locate the Skill menu
  • On the right side, select Galewind Rune
  • Once done, click Equip
  • Now the skill is active

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