Lost Ark Movement Skill

Movement Skill, become fast and untouchable with little to no effort. Here’s How

Hold Spacebar to Activate Movement Skill. By using the Movement Skill, you can dodge incoming attacks. When active, the character lights up and dodge in the direction they are facing, weaving among enemies to find a safer spot

Lost Ark Movement Skill

The big advantage of the Movement Skill is being able to pass through enemies. Typically, you’d be stuck bumping into them or have to move around them during a fight or when you’re traversing the map. You can practice this skill in training room accessible in your hub menu

When you are battling multiple enemies that stack up next to each other, you can’t do anything else but attack them until, hopefully, you clear them.

With the Movement Skill, you can jump behind enemies and make short work of them, or you can use it to dodge an incoming enemy attack. Hold Spacebar to activate this function.

Lost Ark Movement Skill Cooldown

Spamming isn’t something you should constantly use since it has a cooldown timer after you use it. It means you can only dodge again after the cooldown expires. Depending on your class, your cooldown timer may differ. A sharpshooter’s cooldown is ten seconds, while an Assassin’s is six.

Due to this cooldown, you should only use it when it is necessary rather than letting it expire and getting hit with a powerful attack. A dodging maneuver is more of a strategic maneuver that is used at the right time.

Initially, dodges may seem strange, but they are simple to do. Despite the fact that Lost Ark calls this dodge skill a Movement skill, it is easier to call it a dodge. 

Lost Ark Movement Speed

So with the name having you believe it makes you faster it sadly does not but do not fear, we got you covered. There is a method to increase your movement speed, the method being Swiftness.

Equip items with high Swiftness, this will boost your character’s movement speed allowing you to farm and complete tasks in Lost Ark with ease. Mix this in with the Movement skill and you will be untouchable.

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