Lost Ark Lawmaker Skin

The Northern Lawmaker skin set was included in Lost Ark’s Founder’s Packs. Find out how to get the skin, as well as its three colour options.

Lawmaker Skin in Lost Ark was available during the pre-release in February and can only be obtained by a reseller.  The skin resales for 20 – 40 $.

Continue reading to get the lowest prices on the lawmaker skin and its uses.

How to Get Lawmaker Skin

Lost Ark is finally in the Western world, and players around the world are flocking to Arkesia to discover its secrets.

You can purchase the Lawmaker Skin Set from a Lost Ark vendor. Make sure you find a trusted seller. The seller gets the skin by ordering the gold/platinum founders pack in February of 2022, then reselling it.

Check your inventory for all the Lawmaker skin pieces to equip it on your character. In order to equip it, your character must also be at an advanced level. The skin can only be placed on one character at a time, so be careful, once it is on a character, it cannot be removed.Here are the top trusted vendors we know that offer lawmaker set on all servers:

MagicSeller offered the easiest smoothest trade

Lawmaker Skin Set Variation
Lawmaker Skin Set Variation

Law Maker Skin Colors with preview

There are three colors available for Northern Lawmaker: white, red, and black. One of these will be assigned to you at random, and you can only use it in your first Advanced Class.
Note, the Northern Lawmaker ski looks a little different for each of the class archetypes.

Set colors and labels are as follows:



Can you Dye Lawmaker skins?

Dye is possible on specific skins and when it comes to lawmaker only tradable ones allows dyeing.  Dyeing is fairly new and still require more testing to give more exact answers, we go trough how to dye and uses here: How To Dye

How to get other skins in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark skins are like any other kind of in-game skin. They’re there to alter your character’s appearance like an outfit. This doesn’t relate to your standard equipment, however. Lost Ark skins are basically top-layer clothing items that appear to replace the equipment you wear purely for the stat boosts.

Simply put, if you’re not happy with how your trusty gear set looks, you can change it with Lost Ark skins without losing the stats you fought hard to obtain

Additional skins can be earned in a number of ways: by clearing special in-game achievements, completing time-limited events, beating certain bosses, and buying through the in-game shop just to name a few. Expect to see a lot more Lost Ark skins and outfit configurations as the game matures.

Some skins gives buffs, here’s how to check

It pains any player to have to say this, but Lost Ark skins do actually give buffs. The extent of this hasn’t been made abundantly clear just yet, but hovering over any piece of a Lost Ark skin will show exactly which stats are boosted upon having it equipped.

The good news is that you won’t have to dedicate yourself to looking like a fool with a skin you don’t like just to enjoy the added buffs. You are able to hide them.

Hide Skins Lost Ark

You can actually hide Lost Ark skins piece by piece, whether you want to remove your helmet for a photoshoot or remove an uncoordinated piece of your outfit until you find the right alternative.

Tap the eye icon beside each individual slot in the Lost Ark skins menu in order to do so. Take off your gloves to reveal your knuckles, or hide your headpiece if you want everyone to look at your new hairstyle.

Hidden Lost Ark skins allow you to hide what you don’t want while keeping the pieces equipped and out of your inventory.


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