Lost Ark Increase Una Quest Limit

To increase una quest limit is gamebreaking allowing you to get above the rest and rack a high sum of gold, here’s how to do it for free and dominate Lost Ark

  • Press F4 
  • On the right locate Mari’s Secret Shop
  • Select Wartorn/Trade skill tab
  • Press refresh and Una’s Tasks x 1 will become available to get

Read on for a detailed guide!

Lost Ark Increase Una Quest Limit

Una’s Tasks is an endgame quest system that serves as one of your primary sources of Gold. So long as you complete your daily and weekly tasks, you can rack up a large sum of Gold in no time. However with this there is a limit of 3 per day which players want to bypass, we will go into the two available methods. Here is the first one:

Step 1. Locate Lost Ark Shop in the bottom right, you can also press F4 to directly arrive at the correct location.

Step 2-3. Mari’s Secret Shop is located to the right side where you can locate the Wartorn/Trade Skill Rec, which is where the additional tasks can be recievedStep 4. In the the list of items you can find the “Una’s Tasks [Daily] + ” which costs a total of 50 blue crystal that you can farm with ease and is also recieved when doing Anas quests. If the item does not appear on the list it’s due to the stock being out, it rotates every hour and should appear at the next one!

Increase Una Quest Limit with Alt Accounts

For those who are not satisfied with 1 extra there is the option to do quests on your alt accounts, this will grant you 3 extra quest limits for una per character. This is a great option but is not as profitable due to splitting the loot given and forcing you to level up more characters to 50 which is the minimun requirement for unas task. If you found this helpful feel free to share with a friend and have a great day!

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