Lost Ark How to Get Omen Skin : When Unavailable

Lost Ark Omen Skin, included in the March patch update that features a new storyline, a new PvE mode, and a limited-time event. Aside from the new content and improvements to quality of life, Smilegate has also added a new skin collection that can be purchased with in-game currency. Here’s everything we know about Lost Ark Omen skin collection and how to get it.

The Omen skins are found on reselling websites and vendors, they are no longer available ingame.
Read More to find the most trusted ones.

Lost Ark Omen Skin
Lost Ark Omen Skin

Lost Ark Omen Skin Collection

The Omen skin collection is the latest cosmetic attraction that developer Smilegate has included in the March content update. Not only do these cosmetics change your character’s appearance, but they also boost your character’s stats if your current outfit isn’t provided.

Omen skins are made to depict omens of doom, with all of them looking evil. Until the end of March, Here are the lost ark omen skin all classes:

  • Assassin
  • Ghost Horse
  • Gunner
  • Mage
  • Martial Artist
  • Warrior

There are no differences between the subclasses, so the bard wears the same as the sorceress. Only the weapons are different. You can also give your horse a new look.

Royal Crystals, a currency exclusive to Lost Ark, are required to purchase each of these items. Currently, it can only be purchased from a reseller.

Check out the skins here

Where to Buy Lost Ark Omen Skin

As stated above the skin is no longer available for purchase from their official store and can only be obtained from resellers. Resellers get the skin by purchasing them during the event and keeping them in stock for when people want these limited edition skins, currently only 1 trusted vendor offers these. Link to their page is on their name!

When purchasing from a vendor make sure the skin you buy is connected to the server you play on.  Example:
Play on US East, buy skin on US East

Dark Omen Skin
Dark Omen Skin

Lost Ark Omen Skin Price

The Lost Ark Omen Skin was sold individually or in sets. Players had the option of purchasing a single costume from the full collection or the entire set. The Omen Skin has three different sets: Martial Artist, Gunner, and Mage.

To divide the entire set, the following are the price of a particular item from the set:

  • The Omen Skin will set you back 2,000 Royal Crystals
  • The Omen Package will set you back 2,400 Royal Crystals
  • The top-tier box or Omen Special Package costs roughly 3,800 Royal Crystals

Now the skin set resells for slightly over the original price.

Trailer for Lost Ark Dark Omen skin

The Lost Ark’s classes can be spotted wearing these eerie yet awesome new outfits and battling it out
Screenshots from the Lost Ark Dark Omen skin trailer include:

  • Mage
  • Male Gunner
  • Warrior
  • Female Martial Artist
  • Assassin classes

In addition to wearing their respective skins for their respective classes, each of them can be seen standing together. In addition, the new Lost Ark Dark Omen skin comes in a variety of color shades, including:

  • The color green
  • Violet
  • Orange
  • Red

The Omen Skin Collection by Lost Ark features dark base colors that are enhanced by an array of amazing colors.

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