Lost Ark Border Outlaw Skin

Border Outlaw  is a skin available in Lost Ark, and there is only one known way to acquire it. Effort and time will be required, but it will be worth it!

The skin drops randomly after completing Chaos Dungeons in any difficulty. All three pieces are dropped randomly in Chaos Dungeons

Outlaw Skin – credit: invenglobal

How to Get Lost Ark Border Outlaw Skin

You must complete Chaos Dungeons to obtain the skin, but how?

The skin can drop as a chest or directly as the skin only available for Warrior, Berserker, Destroyer, Gunlancer, Paladin. If the skin drops as the chest you will be able  to trade it but not if it comes as a skin.

Any tier dungeon has a chance of dropping the skin so you can start aiming for this skin as soon as you enter the dungeon.

Every day, the “Aura of Resonance” fills up in Chaos dungeons. There is a higher chance that higher quality and quantity rewards will be given in dungeons when this indicator is displayed. In order to have a higher chance of obtaining the Lost Ark Border Outlaw Skin, you should do the dungeons when Auroa of Resonance is active. A total of 3 pieces are available, including legs, chests, and helmets.

Here’s how to do it in steps:

  • Start any dungeon tier
  • Complete the dungeon
  • The chance of it dropping is random.
  • Repeat until given

It is possible to obtain this through another method, but it will require gold. Players list these exact items in the Auction House, the price is up to the current market so I am unable to give an exact price for the skin.

The skins chests are tradable with players but you cannot personalise them using dye.

How To Start Chaos Dungeon

For the first Chaos Dungeon, you need 250 item level. To earn this amount, you must complete the main quests on Lost Ark, which are colored blue. When doing the quests, we suggest that you farm along the way in order to boost your character in the future.

As you progress through the Chaos Dungeons, you will need to complete all of the blue missions, which can be difficult, but the rewards are worth it.

Dungeon Run Lost Ark
Dungeon Run Lost Ark

How to finish Chaos Dungeons?

It’s not difficult to clear a Chaos Dungeon. Each zone is filled with hordes of enemies. Make use of all your abilities to take them down. There are hundreds of trash enemies in Chaos Dungeons, along with a few majors, so AoE skills are essential. Due to their weakness, min-maxing is not necessary until T3. All you need are some AoE skills and tripods.

Chaos Dungeons follow this pattern for zones:

  1. First Zone: The goal is to kill as many fodder enemies as possible. When enough enemies are slain, a portal opens.
  2. Second Zone: To open the third portal, defeat minibosses and a world boss.
  3. Third Zone: When you break rift core crystals, a miniboss will spawn. Continue until the Chaos Dungeon is cleared

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