Lofty Sentiment Skin Lost Ark

The Lofty Sentiment skin is available in Lost Ark. Currently, there is only one method for obtaining it. Despite the effort and time it will take, it will be well worth it!

You can buy it at exchange rapport for 35.000 providence stones. The exchange rapport can be found in all major cities, and the providence stone can be obtained from missions

Here are the details and the fastest way to farm them.

Lofty Sentiment Skin Shadowhunter : From invenglobal
Lofty Sentiment Skin Shadowhunter : From invenglobal

Lofty Sentiment Skin Lost ARK : How To Get it

In order to obtain the skin, you must collect providence stones and visit Exchange Rapport, but how do you do that?

In Lost Ark, Providence Stones serve three purposes;

  • Limited skins : Initial Sentiment and Lofty Sentiment
  • Rapport items : You can purchase rapport items at Una’s Task Menue to unlock additional content and missions for npcs by gifting them
  • Region specialty : Vendors offer special items like food or buffs, depending on their region.

You can farm Providence Stones most effectively by completing Una’s daily tasks in Lost Ark. Although the rewards are not guaranteed, they can range from several hundred to thousands. To find out which Una tasks give Providence Stones, navigate to the Una Task menu (Alt+J) and use the search bar.

To get the Lofty Sentiment Skin, you need to farm over 70.000+. Most of these tasks are limited.  Through exploration, we identified the best tasks to repeat continuously.

Providence Stones Repeatable Tasks:

  • Whale Watching
  • Meat. the Challenge
  • Whispering Harmony

In every major city, Exchange Rapport can be found, with Nada being the most widely known.

The Lofty Sentiment Skin can be obtained from Nada at the Luterra Castle in Lost Ark.

  1. Take a trip to East Luterra.
  2. Then head towards the Luterra Castle.
  3. Nada is found east of the Termina Library.

Lost Ark: Lofty Sentiment VS Initial Sentiment 

In Exchange Rapport, you will see two skins with very similar names but different appearances under skins.

  • Lofty Skin costing 35.000 Stones per piece
  • Initial Sentiment being 70.000 Stones per piece

The reason for this is the differences in their stats and their skin colors. All characters, including the gunslinger, have 2x stats. From 0.5% to 1% agility. The stats given depend on the class of your character and can stack up to 3%.

Our testing suggests that the Lofty Sentiment skin in Lost Ark cannot be dyed, so you are stuck with the skin’s colors.

Lofty Sentiment Gunlancer : From invenglobal
Lofty Sentiment Gunlancer : From invenglobal

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