Life of A Lord Lost Ark 

Life of A Lord Is a quest within your personal stronghold but completing it is harder than you may think, here’s how it’s done.

Once the quest is accepted, open the workshop menu and craft 5 HP Potion. This will complete the quest and give the rewards. Workshop can be accessed by pressing CTRL+1.

Continue to read for the rewards and exact resources needed to complete.

How to Complete Life of A Lord
Life of A Lord Lost Ark Requirements

With a short summary of the whole quest we have the basic understanding on how to complete it but it can be hard to locate and meet all the requirements to complete it. The requirements are as followed:

  • Strong Hold Access
  • Completed previous questline, “Those First Steps
  • 25 Shy Wild Flower
  • 50 Wild Flowers

Obtain Wild Flowers by picking bushes highlighted with a green leaf on any of the continents, easiest obtained at Medrick Monastery in West Luterra.

Life of A Lord Lost Ark Walkthrough

Step 1. Accept the Quest
Let’s begin by locating the NPC who gives out the quest, her name is Adeline and is located outside a large golden gate in your Stronghold. Talk to her and accept the quest. The image below showcases her appearance and exact location, remember that the quest is not available until you finish “Those First Steps”.
Accepting Life of a Lord Quest Lost ARK

Step 2. Access Workshop
The quest requires you to craft battle items which are in short healing potions and similar brews which are located in the Workshop. The Workshop can be accessed by pressing CTRL+1 or by meeting Dorothy in your stronghold. Her Location is showcased below.
Accessing Workshop

Step 3. Craft 5 HP Potions
HP Potions are the cheapest choice of battle items which makes it optimal to craft for completing the quest. To craft 5 HP Potions you will need to combine 25 Shy Wild Flower with 50 Wild Flowers. This cost an additional 6000 Silver too. Craft it by selecting HP Potion then pressing Craft, it takes 9 seconds for each potion to complete.
Craft HP Potions Step by Step Lost ARK

Step 4. Complete Quest
Quest Is Completed as soon as 5 potions are crafted, you can complete the quest in the bottom right corner. Open and accept it. Now you will be rewarded with loot which is 3 Research Acceleration Chip.

Summary in Steps:

  • Accept the Quest
  • Access Workshop
  • Craft 5 HP Potions
  • Complete Quest

Completed Life of A Lord Lost Ark

What is a Research Acceleration Chip in Lost Ark?

Stronghold activities are sped up by Acceleration Chips in Lost Ark. Acceleration Chips in Lost Ark come in three different types.

  • The Crafting Acceleration Chip speeds up the crafting process.
  • The Research Acceleration Chip speeds up the research process.
  • The Dispatch Acceleration Chip: Reduces dispatch time.

Stronghold activities will be easier and faster with these items. The advantage of stockpiling Acceleration Chips is that you will spend a lot of time crafting, researching, and dispatching missions in your stronghold.

The guide is now complete and I hope you learned something, don’t hesitate to leave any questions and have a great day.

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