Level Breeding ARK: Survival Evolved

Prior to getting into the guide, I would like to point out that my way of breeding is not the only way. As of the time of writing this, I am aware of at least three or four different ways people breed. In my opinion, my method is simpler to learn and more effective in getting the most out of mutating dinosaurs. I will now explain some of the terminology I will use. The level of a Dino is based on the total amount of points distributed among all statistics, from Health to Movement speed.



  • “Wasted points” Wild dinosaur movement speed is wasted points. As the movement speed cannot exceed 100%, any randomly distributed level to movement speed will be considered “wasted”.
  • “Breeding Pair”  A breeding pair consists of a male and a female with identical stats. Breeders will be referred to as “Female Base Breeder” and “Male Base Breeder.”
  • “Level/Point” Both Level and Point refer to the same thing, so they can both be used interchangeably.
  • “Stat Chain” Breeding only for one mutation and stacking that mutation on top of that mutation is known as a stat chain
  • “Stat Selection” . It is through this process that a baby determines its hatched stats. There is a 55% chance that stat selection will pull the higher score from the parents.
  • “Mutation Score” This is the number shown on your ancestry tree. This is represented by a 0/20 score at base and increases with concurrent breeding.
  • “Mutation Stacking” Refers to breeding mutated dinosaurs in a way that maximizes mutation possibilities.

Breeding Guide

In order to breed strong boss-worthy dinosaurs, the first step is TAMING! If you have chosen a dino you would like to breed, you should tame as many high levels as possible. on Official the max level is 150 on normal dinosaurs, 190 on mythical creatures. Therefore, you should tame any dino up to 20 levels lower then it’s max level.  Your own Character base max level is 105.

Each wild dino’s points will be distributed randomly between all stats because each dino receives a random distribution. In other words, you could tame a level 170 with better stats than all the 200+ you’ve tamed. (I know it’s stupid. But what can I say, it’s ark.)

For a level 200 dino, the average stat point value is about 21-35. You might want to look for a Dino that has 43-60 points into one stat, for instance Melee, for your starting line. Keep taming until you find what you need. When you find the stats you want, start breeding!


When a mutation occurs, TWO things happen:

  1. As a stat mutates, it adds 2 levels to the total level of that stat, and
  2. Colors mutate in one of six regions, not all regions are visible on all dinos

Seeing as your base breeder and offspring are both the same level, all you need to do is look for offspring that are two levels higher than the parents. This offspring IS mutated. Once you’ve found your mutated offspring, open the stat menu to see where that mutation went.

Combining Stats ARK

To breed for mutations into each other the fastest is to breed the Base Male Breeder with females with 0/20 mutations onto them. We use 100 females.

  1. Breed the male base breeder with all females
  2. Choose the baby that has your base male breeders levels
  3. Raise
  4. Repeat the full process, repeat repeat repeat

It’s a long process but it will yield great value for you and your tribe!

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