Lead White Redbeak Lost Ark

Lead White Redbeak is a unique monster in Lost Ark, its location is hidden and it can pack a punch to lower level players. It’s best avoided but if you seek it it’s another story.

Located in the middle of Loghill, take the tripod which is next to NPC Ben. Follow the SouthEast path and turn in the alcove that appears, this is where Lead White Redbeak appears.
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Lead White Redbeak Location Lost ARk

Lead White Redbeak Walkthrough

This is a field boss in Lost Ark which is found in the beginner continent Rethramis, Loghill. The reason for players wanting to find and defeat it is to complete Adventurers Tome which grants rewards depending on completion rate.

1. Locate Loghill Outpost

In the Loghill Area there are a total of 3 Tripods. Visit the tripod in the middle named Loghill Outpost. Travel or teleport directly to it, this is the closest location to finding the Lead White Redbeak.
Loghill Outpost Location

2. Travel SouthEast Until Alcove Appears

Follow the path SouthEast of the Loghill Outpost Tripod until you see an alcove, inside you will find the creature. It is hostile and will attack once you near its territory.

3. Defeat Lead White Redbeak

For the unique monster to be counted as completed you need to defeat it, this is best done by keeping distance and using spells to push it away. Spells that grant pushback and stuns are best used to avoid taking any damage, once defeated you will have a 1% additional completion rate in your Adventurers Tome.

Lead White Redbeak Not at Location?

Depending on the amount of players on your current lost Ark server this creature may already be defeated, it can take as long as 30 minutes for a new one to appear, if this is the case there is 1 additional location which is deep into the Loghill area, the image below showcases the secondary location.

What is the Adventurer’s Tome?

The Adventurer’s Tome (accessed by pressing ‘N’) contains an overview of nearly everything a continent has to offer, from dungeons to collectibles. Based on the percentage of exploration and collection completed, you can earn more rewards. Each continent has an Adventurer’s Tome, but they are roster-wide, so you only need to complete them once. At major settlements, Ignea Token Exchanges can be used to exchange the region’s rarest rewards, the Ignea Token.

The following tasks can be completed to complete the tome:

  • Experiencing the hidden areas, dungeons, and main quests
  • Defeating unique monsters and bosses
  • Using chefs to prepare food, searching for collectibles

This fully completes this guide and how to find and defeat the unique monster Lead White Redbeak, don’t hesitate to commend and share!

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