Korumba’s Cat Lost Ark

Korumba’s Cat is one of the hidden stories for Rethramis. As the location is hidden, it is difficult to locate.

Found SouthEast of Prideholm, “Korumba’s Cat” is hidden within white flowers.
Below is a walkthrough and the other hidden stories.
Korumba’s Cat Location

Korumba’s Cat Walkthrough

The town Prideholme is the starting place for all players who start Lost Ark, as it is a safe place without dangerous creatures. There are two hidden stories in the town however we will focus on Kroumba’s Cat as of now.

The player can view all hidden stories in Adventurers Tome which is accessed by pressing N. Each one granting you 1% progression rate.

To be able to complete the story you have to reach Prideholm which is accessed once you finish the introduction that the game provides.

1. Visit Prideholme

Begin with visiting Prideholme, this is first accessible when you finish the introduction of the game. If you already completed the basics and moved away from the town, use the nearby Tripod which has the same name as the town.
Prideholme Tripod

2. Travel South East

Travel South East until you reach the end of the map, here you will come to a crossing where you have to choose between going right and left. Choose the left turn and its path, below you can find a guiding photo.
South East Travel Path Prideholme

3. Locate The White Flowers 

The white flowers highlight the location of Korumba’s Cat, the flowers are similar to “Ground Elder” which is a type of weed. As the player gets close to them an interaction will appear which allows you to Investigate.
The White Flowers Location

4. Investigate the Location

To investigate the location press G, this will open up a 2-second animation which finds and completes Korumba’s Cat. The player receives 1 kindness point as reward.
finding and recieving Korumba’s Cat story

Korumba’s Cat Lost Ark

As you find the hidden story a pop-up will appear which gives you the content of the story. It goes as follow:
“A small grave lies behind the farmhouse. The body of Korumba’s brother Nerran was found there. He passed away as a result of a contagious illness. A small cat, which once sat on the grave, has left a mark on the memorial.”

To fully complete the hidden stories you will need to complete these ones as well::

  1. The Hidden Past of Varut
  2. The Truth Of A Drunk
  3. Burnt With Love
  4. The Cursed Grave Keeper
  5. Korumba’s Cat
  6. A Knight In Shining Armor
  7. Sunflowers For My Love

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