Island of Eternal Rest | Detailed

Island of Eternal Rest is a quest located on Tranquil Isle where you will collect Flowers for the NPC Father Diruth. Why this is important is due to the reward given, Requiem of Twilight.

Requirements to start quest:

  • After visiting Queen in Vern Castle and complete two Roster Quests.
  • Quest: A New Voyage.
  • Quest: Wall of Procyon.
  • Boat
  • Gear Level 460+

The Requirements are for passing the “The Wall of Procyon” which blocks travel to the Tranquil Isle

Step 1. Travel to Tranquil Isle

Tranquil Isle is an Adventure Island where the quest exists, however, it is only available at certain times, so make sure you check the Alarm Clock in the top left corner. In most cases, sailing there will only take a short amount of time, depending on the location from which players start.

tranquil Isle
tranquil Isle

Step 2.  Enter the Tranquil Isle to begin Island of Eternal Rest

Once you enter directly to the left side you will see the NPC Father Diruth, approach it to begin the Island of Eternal Rest. Despite the name the character’s appearance is female with long brunette hair.


Step 3. Accept the Quest

Before being able to accept the Npc will give you a story about why this quests needs to be solved, there are spirits all around the island which cannot have peace until flowers has been placed on tombstones

Step 4. Collect and Place Flowers

The objective of this quest is to collect 3 Comforting Spirit Flowers and place 1 on each separate grave. Use Movement Skill to move across the map faster

  • Laurent’s Tombstone: Place a Flower
  • Philip’s Tombstone: Place a Flower
  • Cora’s tombstone: Place a flower

The map will indicate the exact location of the flowers, making it an easy and safe quest.

Step 5. Talk to Father Diruth

After completing all previous steps, Island of Eternal Rest is ready to be turned in. Go back to the NPC you met in the start and talk to it. This will complete the quest giving you the rewards.

Rewards for Island of Eternal Rest

Once completed you will be granted a variety of rewards, these are;

  • 500 Roster XP
  • Requiem of Twilight
  • 5000 Silver

You can build up your rapport with most NPCs with the Requiem of Twilight. Depending on the character you want to build rapport with, you can use it up to three times daily.

If you wish to use it, select it from your library of songs when interacting with a “relatable” character for the first time. You will save time while building relationships when you combine the music with some gifts.


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