Is Elden Ring Hard?

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Depends on how you see i. Gameplay doesn’t rely heavily on your reflexes, and it doesn’t feature many challenges that can’t be conquered through dedicated grinding. The game also doesn’t have many frustrating walls that block progress until you break through them.

However, Elden Ring is also a game that can severely punish even a small lapse in focus. As a result, it is willing to let you fail if you miss some “essential” element that the game did not well explain. I myself relate particularly with this.

Players will respond differently to each type of difficulty. The challenge of slowly unraveling the endless mysteries of Elden Ring by talking with others is a huge part of its charm for some players. Some gamers have been frustrated by a key item or mechanic that wasn’t explained in the game.

Yet for others, speedrunning through the game quickly is a way to create an ultrahard challenge.
One of the reasons Elden Ring is both frustrating and captivating is the fact that it can be so many things to so many different gamers. In other words, Elden Ring can be as hard or as easy you like.

Our best trick to make Elden Ring Easy

If you are not sure what will make you more powerful, look for the best build guides and adapt your build accordingly. Elden Ring is a huge game and at first can seem confusing. Everyone will die when they fight enemies or bosses, so do not be disappointed.

However, if you carefully plan out which class you prefer and which stats to increase – you will die less often and progress more quickly. Before choosing a class, know which one has the best HP, attacks, and more

But how can we make Elden Ring Harder while keeping the fun aspect the same? If you’re not leveling your character, you can take on bosses as a self-imposed challenge. This forces you to think of new strategies to defeat your opponents.

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