Interactive Map Tower of Fantasy

We’ve put together an Interactive Tower of Fantasy Map for you where you can find gold nuclei, black nuclei, bosses, and treasures. This open anime MMO world features an integrated filter function to help you upgrade your characters.

This map is from, who is the original owner. We wish to share this amazing map with you.

This map include all english content as well as the upcoming content found in chinese version

There are many different ways to search for resources, enemies, and treasures on the interactive Tower of Fantasy Map: In the left sidebar, you will find all the filter functions. Among the filter functions are:

  • Boss Opponent
  • Black Nucleus
  • Gold Nucleus
  • Living Resources like Fish
  • Omnium Towers
  • Password Chests 1 & 2
  • Scenic Points
  • Spacerifts
  • Supply Pod 1 & 2
  • Treasure Chests
  • Numerous Minerals
  • There are various NPCs
  • A variety of Plants

Tower of Fantasy Interactive maps

There are many treasures, ruins, puzzles, world bosses, and more waiting for you to discover, uncover, and claim in Aesperia. There’s nothing better than wandering around and seeing what new surprises await, but if you’re looking for something specific, you might want a method that’s a little more reliable than just hoping to find it by accident.

The interactive map above is very handy. Using them, you can search for and find anything you’re looking for, track chests, explore further, and more.

Info about Tower of Fantasy map

Aesperia is the setting of the Tower of Fantasy map, though you may occasionally visit Hykros, high above the land. Protorowers are structures built by Mara to gain Omnium in Aesperia. As a result, the Aidan civilization flourished until the catastrophe that led Omnium to turn living creatures into monsters. The radioactive environment forced some humans to develop suppressors to survive, but others were killed by it.

As a result, those who were unable to rise to Hykros are trapped on the surface of Aesperia, dependent on their suppressors for survival. In Aesperia, citizens build shelters and settlements in six main locations or reigons.

Six Regions in Tower of Fantasy map:

  • Astra Shelter: Zeke’s outpost, where you begin your journey
  • The Fox of Armata: The base of the ravagers
  • Port Banges: The main commercial and trading hub of the region
  • Cetus Island: Reknowned as the “floating island paradise”
  • Crown Mines: Aesperia’s only crystal mines
  • Warren Snowfield: Ice-covered, extremely cold region

Resources are scarce, so beastly ravagers and monsters roam the land between the settlements. There are plenty of rewards to be had in their bases as well, since they often invade other settlements and cause problems for your allies.

In addition to the ravagers, the Tower of Fantasy map has plenty of interesting features. Whether you’re hitting plants with certain elements, or activating pressure plates simultaneously with two or more players, there’s a lot to explore here. Fortunately, the game gives you short tutorials when you encounter something new, and you can access them later by clicking on the exclamation point icon.

Tower of Fantasy Regions
Tower of Fantasy Regions

How To Increase Tower of Fantasy Map Exploration Progress?

An exploration progress bar is displayed in each area of the Tower of Fantasy map. The game rewards you with gold nucleus, SSR relics, mighty mushrooms, unique outfits, and more when you reach certain milestones.

In Tower of Fantasy, you can earn exploration points in several ways. Here are some of them:

  • The activation of space rifts (teleporters)
  • Turning on the Omnium Tower
  • Finish ruins
  • Supply pod collection
  • Scenic points can be claimed from your Terminal’s ‘Chronicles’ tab by engaging with them

I hope this interactive map comes to use and answered some additional questions you may have!

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