I Can Hear You Lost Ark

I Can Hear You is one part of the “The Forest Where Fairies Sing” where you have to locate a hidden fairy which will give you a variety of questions that you have to answer.

  1. First Answer: Put Down the Shiny Pebble
  2. Second Answer: Remember Me?
  3. Third Answer: It’s a Gift
  4. Forth Answer: Wait Quietly
Location Of Faries

I Can Hear You Lost Ark Pre-requisites

There are three prerequisites before a player can receive this quest from an NPC on Lullaby Island.

  1. Completed “Set Sail” questline to unlock sailing
  2. Have Song of Resonance
  3. Reach level 50 with your character

While Song of Resonance is not needed to start it you will need it to finish it.

I Can Hear You Lost Ark
I Can Hear You Lost Ark

I Can Hear You Quest Process

On the map below, Lullaby Island is located southeast of Tortoyk and southwest of Anikka. The quest can be started directly as you dock your boat.

Locate NPC “Traveler Eclipse” who is right where you dock your boat, she can easily be distinguished with her purple clothing. Talk to her and complete the first task.

The result of this will trigger the “I Can Hear You” mission and you’ll need to locate 1 fairy in order to complete it. The fairy is hidden and you will have to search the area, below is an image of the exact location.

The Answers for “I Can Hear You” are:

  • Put Down the Shiny Pebble 
  • Remember Me?
  • It’s a Gift
  • Wait Quietly

The rewards will be given directly after answering the questions but there is an option to continue doing following quests that will grant you the Forest’s Minuet. You may wonder what forest minuet is and we will get to that shortly

I Can Hear You rewards

Rewards for I Can Hear You

“Lullaby Island is said to be home to a beautiful Fairy. She rarely shows herself to others because she is shy about her appearance.

It would be best if I consoled her gently without scaring her if I ran into that Fairy. When fairies trust and admire someone, they often leave them a gift.”

This is what was said when accepting the quest, and truth be told. They are generous to those they like, these are the rewards:

  • 195 Roster Xp
  • 600 Trade Skill Xp
  • 3 x Rare Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch
  • 40.000 Silver

Forest’s Minuet Lost Ark

Forest’s Minuet

Lullaby Island’s secret area, which you need to access in order to complete the quest, is clearly marked on your map with the silver hands symbol. When you hover your mouse over it, a countdown will appear.

There is an opening every other hour, so you must go to this area three times to get three Voices of the Forest, which means it will take you at least six hours to complete this quest.

Upon entering the area, you will be asked to play the Song of Resonance twice. As soon as you do this, a tree will bloom and you will be rewarded with a Voice of the Forest.  On your third time it is fully completed

The Dungeon is active every other hour and requires song of resonance to enter

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