How To Use Fire Grease Elden Ring

Fire Grease is a helpful item found in Elden Ring. It is useful for certain weapons that cannot receive upgrades and incantations, these weapons can always use grease as long as you apply it correctly.

To use Fire Grease, Locate Quick Access Slots to equip the it, press X/R button to apply the coating to the weapon. Fire Coating lasts 60 seconds and attacks deal 85 additional fire damage.

It’s Usage

This grease is a consumable that may be used to infuse the power of fire into your weapons. It may be transferred to your main hand weapon in a few moments, allowing you to inflict greater damage for a brief time, and it can deal even more fire damage to adversaries who are determined to be weak to this element. Please note that fire-based damage is weakened in the presence of water and other water-related attacks, keep it in mind when using.

How To Craft Fire Grease?

In order to craft, you will require Armorer’s Cookbook (1) and these Crafting Materials:

  • Root Resin x1
  • Smoldering Butterfly x1


Video Guide on how to farm and craft:

How Many Greases Are There?

Grease is available in 12 different versions in this game. Each one has a faster counterpart that lasts longer and applies more quickly. When using a Regular Weapon, these are extremely important and should be saved for harder boss fights to deal more damage and make the fights easier.

Remember to use them wisely because they only last a limited time. Take the time to explore, and you are sure to find many uses for each one of them. These items can also be created from various materials.


There Are Many Kinds of Grease

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