How to Tame Mammoth Ark

The Mammoth is one of the oldest creatures in ARK: Survival Evolved and their populary is still high amogs players, here’s why

This large and majestic creature is a formidable wood gatherer that can be found in snowy areas. Besides its gathering skills, the Mammoth is a great tank that can absorb an incredible amount of damage. This dinosaur requires some preparation and patience, let’s get to it.

Tame the Mammoth by shooting tranquillising arrows until it fully knocks down. Feed it with kibble to complete the taming, finish all up with a saddle. When taming low levels mejoberries works well

Mammoth Pair to Tame
Mammoth Pair to Tame

Mammoth Taming Process

The Mammoth is located in colder areas due to its dense fur, this can be problematic for the unprepared.  However, there are a few techniques you can use to better your chances of being able to capture and tame the Mammoth.

The wild mount must be knocked out before a Mammoth can be tamed. Shoot from a distance and run between shots to avoid taking damage. It is possible to use any ranged weapon equipped with tranquilliser arrows or tranquilliser darts. By doing this, you will knock the dinosaur out without killing it.

Players can approach knocked-out creatures and access their inventory once they are knocked unconscious. To increase the tame level, simply add food to the inventory. Foods have varying levels of effectiveness, and it is recommended that you wait for their food bar to drain by 500. By doing this, you will be able to make the Mammoth a pet in a shorter amount of time.

Once the creature has been tamed, the player can mount a Mammoth Saddle on its back and ride back to their base.

In order:

  1. With a tranquilizer, knock out the creature
  2. Access the Mammoths inventory
  3. Insert food to tame
  4. Make a saddle and place it on the newly tamed mammoth
Tranquilized Mammoth ARK
Tranquilized Mammoth ARK

What Do Mammoths Eat in ARK?

Although Mammoths generally accept any food, including crops, berries, and kibble, certain items will make taming this creature easier.

Firstly, taming the Mammoth takes a long time with crops and berries. The player should keep them in their inventory if they run out of anything else, but they aren’t very efficient. You should look for the Mejoberry if you collect any berries, as that is one of the best items to feed this creature. Due to its size, players will probably need around 213 mejoberries.

Kibble, however, will significantly speed up the process if players can get their hands on it. With it you can tame it within 25 minutes

  • Superior Kibble
  • Crops
  • Mejoberry
  • Other Berries

Dinosaurs can be tamed more quickly with food at the top of the list. There are benefits to feeding dinosaurs kibbles, but only if they like the kind you give them. There are other kinds that won’t work.

Mammoths can be tamed with just regular mejoberry at the early level. In higher levels, it is recommended that you use kibble as it saves you time and resources.

Tamed and Saddled
Tamed and Saddled

Mammoths Leveling In ARK

There are five main strengths of the Mammoth, including the ability to ride it, its high carrying capacity, its gathering skills, and its damage output.

Uses for a Tamed Mammoths

Let’s look at some of the features that make this creature so amazing.

Wood Weight Reduction:. While most Herbivores are capable of gathering Berries, Seeds, and Fiber, Mammoths particularly excel at gathering Thatch and Wood. It can easily fill up on a load of Thatch and Wood in a thick forest and haul the cargo back to base, making it one of the best tree cutters in ARK. A Mammoth’s benefits don’t stop at wood gathering; it is also capable of reducing its wood inventory weight by 75%.

Wardrum Mammoth Ark
Wardrum Mammoth Ark

War Drum: Mammoth’s war drum utility maximizes PvP conflict. A tribemate can sit in a second seat of the saddle.

When the player takes the second seat, he or she is placed on a drum platform.

When the player takes the second seat, he or she is placed in a minigame where players press almost any button at the right time to activate a buff. War drums boosts stamina recovery and makes all nearby allied dinosaurs immune to fear

Debuff Ability
Debuff Ability

Trunk Trumpet: AoE Debuff that lowers damage of enemy dinosaurs


Grab: Grabs players and small size dinosaurs with the option to throw far away.

Baby Offspring
Baby Offspring

How to get baby Mammoth in ARK

Obtain the Baby

This creature is a mammal and does not give eggs, they will incubate in the mothers body and will be born within 8h.

Get opposite gender dinosaurs of the same species, enable breeding in their behaviour task. Hold E > Behaviour > Enable mating

There is a mating cooldown which is a minimum of 4h and up to 48H on mammoths.

It takes up to 3 days for the dinosaur to fully mature

Additional Information about the Mammoth


Mammoths are herd animals, which means that if one gets attacked, all the nearby Mammoths will attack it as well. Just run a few meters if you accidentally attacked one and do not want to fight. They will stop chasing you after just a few seconds. The dossier claims that they fear neither Tyrannosaurus nor Carnotaurus; however, their main predators appear to be Direwolves, Carnotaurus, and Yutyranus; despite their obvious size and power, they frequently fall victim to these powerful carnivores.


Mammoths are large, furry mammals found near the sides and bases of mountains. Like a crown, its proud skull is crowned with a kind of hair cap. Thin, horizontal waves run across its thick pelt. In common with all elephants and elephant-like species, it has elephant-like feet, a short, stubby tail, and a long nose trunk. A similar growth pattern to that of African elephants can be seen in its tusks. The tusks, however, differ from the still-living and fossilized elephant species in that they are spirally turned upward and have pointed ends. Additionally, there are thorns on those segments, as well as under the branching. There are also smaller, upward-facing tusks on the mouth.

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