How To Tame a Griffin ARK

To Tame griffins can be tricky but with the help of our guide this process will be made much easier.

The Griffin offers more flexibility and can be used as a companion throughout Ark: Survival Evolved, they offer many unique abilities allowing you to tame, kill and hunt dinosaurs. This is a must have tame for any survivor.

Tame the Griffin by stacking 5 dinosaur gates with doors at both ends, lure it into the gates and enclose it. Knock down with tranq arrows or darts and feed it mutton or kibble. They can pack  punch so make sure you have armor.

Flying Griffin Into Trap Ark
Flying Griffin Into Trap Ark

Griffin Taming Process

In the game, the Griffin is undoubtedly one of the fastest and strongest flyers, and it can make outstanding mounts when battling and exploring enemies because of its strength and agility. Its enormous speed makes him escape in challenging situations and chases the enemies that his goals and kill them. In Ragnarok, the Griffin is one of the deadliest and one of the rarest. Let’s get to taming it.

Firstly you will need a trap, the griffin trap is very similar to the common argentavis trap. 4-5 stone dinosaur gateways with a gate door at each part. The reason for it being so popular its due to the flexibility of the trap, can be built on all terrains and can be curved if needed. (Picture of Trap Above)

Once the trap is placed, get close to the wild griffin and it will naturally aggro to you, it’s recommended to use a Pteranodon due to griffin spawning in high grounds and cliffs. Once it has flown in, close the gate and begin knocking it out with the recommended knockout weapon.

  • Crossbow  + Tranq arrow : While cheap it may kill the griffin, shoot carefully and wait 5 seconds between each shot
  • Longneck + Tranq Dart : Bit more expensive but keeps the griffin at high health as it effectively knock down the Griffin
Griffin Trap
Griffin Trap

The Griffins torpor drains fairly quickly and will be needing some narcotics, keep 50+ spare and feed when necessary.  Place mutton or extraordinary kibble in it’s inventory, you will need a minimum of 11 kibble/mutton to fully tame.

Once the griffin is tamed, you will be asked to name it. Once you have named it you are able to ride it directly without a saddle. Sadly you cannot equip any type of saddle to it.

Here’s how to tame a Griffin in steps:

  1. Trap The Griffin
  2. Knock it out
  3. Feed it food until it’s tamed
  4. Rideable without saddle
Knocked Down Griffin
Knocked Down Griffin

What Do Griffins Eat in ARK?

The Griffin can be tamed with a variety of foods. Foods that the dinosaur like are listed below (from best to worst):

  • Extraordinary Kibble
  • Raw Mutton : Mutton is given from Ovis
  • Primemeat : All higher tier dinosaurs

Food highest up grants the highest taming efficiency, basically the  better food the higher level the griffin will get.

While there are options such as raw meat we don’t list them due to the huge amount of time it will take, you can tame with raw meat or fish meat but it will take 5+ hours while having poor efficiency.

Griffin Pose Ark
Griffin Pose Ark

Griffin Leveling In ARK

This creature has a few options for leveling but there are of course stats that are better put, they have two main uses that are travel and kill. For travelling level staming while for killing damage, the Griffin has high stamina drain so we recommend you put in some level even if you only look to damage dinosaurs.

Uses for a Tamed Griffin

In order to better understand what they can do, let’s take a look at a few of their amazing features.

Glide Ability:

Its ability to dive down quickly allows it to fly from one point to another within seconds.

While chasing down enemies, positioning yourself during battle, and escaping danger, this can prove very useful.

Dive opens up the Griffin to do other abilities such as Dive Swipe and Dive Bomb and may be easily done.

These are the default controls:

(Look diagonally or straight down while sprinting)

  • W + Shift ( PC)
  • Up + Left Stick (PS4/5)
  • Up + Left Stick (Xbox)

Dive Swipe:

Griffins are capable of dealing a very powerful swipe attack while gliding, which increases damage based on glide-speed and damage.

It is easy to clear enemies and wild dinosaurs with this ability since it hits several enemies in a straight line.

Default Controls (When Diving)

  • LMB ( PC)
  • R2 ( PS4)
  • RT ( Xbox)
Griffin Swipe
Griffin Swipe


Griffins can pick up creatures smaller than themselves, including humans, and hold them until they are released.

You can use this for capturing small dinosaurs and enemies, as well as transporting your own small dinosaurs or tribemates.

Default Controls:

  • RMB ( PC)
  • L2 ( PS4)
  • LT ( Xbox)
Griffin Grab Ability
Griffin Grab Ability

Additional Information about the Griffin


There is no doubt that Gryphon Magnificum is a sight to behold. The Griffin has been depicted in many ancient myths throughout history, but its majestic and mysterious nature remains undisputed. A land and air predator with the front half of an eagle and the back half of a lion, as if the two creatures were fused together. In spite of one’s first instinct to marvel at the creature’s beauty, approaching the creature would be a mistake. As one of the more versatile predators I have seen, it has a wide range of attacks. Even without its ability to dive from the sky, it has the ability to inflict damage on anyone unfortunate enough to be below it, or carry its momentum back into a rapid rise.


It is nothing to scoff at the idea of pacifying such a beast. In addition to its high level of independence and disinterest in interacting with humans, the Griffin’s power and strength make it difficult to domesticate. Nevertheless, there have been those who have been fearless enough to attempt and succeed at this feat. Dashing through the air at high speed on a Griffin with a tribemate passenger is an incredible experience once tamed.

How to Tame Dinos ARK

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