How to Tame a Dino ARK

Tame Dinos in ARK,  without dinosaurs ARK would simply be another survival crafting game. Building mechanics are solid, and structures are diverse, but they are designed so that dinosaur taming is at the core of the game’s success.

In ARK, dinosaurs aren’t just good for their pointy teeth and sharp claws, which can shred your enemies. There are also different functions that dinosaurs can perform in this game, which can help you progress further.

The default attack of tamed Trikes can help you collect several berries, for example. As the Ankylosaurus attacked metal boulders and rocks, it collected large amounts of metal and flint. In addition to these two, many dinos have awesome functions that can help you gather materials, defeat predators, or simply travel.

Tame dinos by knocking them out, keeping them sedated with berries or drugs, and feeding them food. With small, defenseless creatures like dodos, this is relatively easy to accomplish.

How To Tame Dinos In ARK: Survival Evolved

Although we’ll get into the specifics of each dinosaur in a later post, we just wanted to highlight the importance of keeping a wide variety of creatures in your collection.

Dino Types to Tame in ARK

There are two main types of dinosaurs in ARK: herbivores and carnivores. You will be able to know what type of food to give the creature during the taming process if you keep this in mind. Giving it the wrong kind of food won’t have any effect, and might even ruin your effort to take it down. There used to be a theory stating that every dinosaur preferred a certain kind of berry or meat. When the developers implemented the kibble system, this theory was discarded since it was never proved.

The taming process can be greatly accelerated with kibbles, which are food made from dino eggs. In place of a preferred food or meat, every dino has a preferred kind of kibble. Feeding the correct kind of kibble will speed up taming by 5x. The highest tier kibble works for all dinosaurs.

However, if you do not have access to kibbles, all you need to know is that carnivores can only be tamed by giving them raw meat, and herbivores by giving them berries. Raw prime meat is only dropped by large dinosaurs and fearsome predators, this meat will greatly boost the taming effectiveness. If possible, get it over raw meat to tame carnivor dinos

In certain cases, spoiled meat is the only way to tame creatures, such as the Pulmonoscorpius.

Herbivores Food:

  • Kibble – Extraordinary Kibble works on all
  • Crops – Same Taming Speed as Mejoberry but has better taming effectiveness
  • Mejoberry – Best option for berry
  • Berries – Tinto-, Azul-, Amarberry

Carnivores Food:

  • Kibble – Extraordinary Kibble works on all
  • Mutton – Best option apart from kibble, fastest speed and taming effectiveness
  • Prime Meat – Third best for taming, just below mutton
  • Raw Meat – Works for low level, for higher primemeat+ is recommended

Bola ARK
Bola ARK

How to Knock out The Dino?

To tame a dino, you must go toe-to-toe with it until you knock it unconscious. This is the most dangerous part of the process.

In the beginning, when you don’t have access to ranged weapons or tranquilizers, you will simply resort to your fists to knock out some dodos for your beginner base. You can also use a wooden club for this purpose. However, for anything larger than a dodo, you will need a crossbow and tranq arrows. To craft this, you will need to learn the engram and gather the necessary materials. This requirement is level 25+. Level to 60 quickly here

To get the best results when knocking out a dino, aim for the head. All types of weapons, such as slingshots, bows, crossbows, longneck rifles, and so on, fall under this category. In addition to doing more damage, tranquilizers also increase the creature’s torpidity faster, which makes them fall unconscious faster and with less ammunition.

Once you have access to bows, crossbows, and longneck rifles, you will be able to use lethal or tranquilizer ammunition, which will increase your effectiveness at knocking dinos out.

If you want to knock out small dinosaurs and other creatures who like to flee when they are hit, use a bola. Bolas are made of stones and hide and can be thrown at small dinosaurs to keep them rooted in place while they are being knocked out.

If you hit a Pteranodon, it will fly away, so this method can be used to keep them stuck as they get knocked out. Throw a bola at them, then shoot at them with a slingshot or bow until they fall asleep. Once you have trapped them with the bola, you can hit them with your wooden club until they fall unconscious to conserve ammo. They can’t fight back since they are rooted. ( Club only works if low level )

Knocked Out and Taming Dino
Knocked Out and Taming Dino

The Taming Process in ARK

Tame dinos is risk-free, unlike knocking them out. It is still important to pay attention to your surroundings as stray creatures may approach your unconscious dinosaur if you are distracted. It is possible to avoid this during the longer taming processes by building a perimeter of walls around the dinosaur, and then demolishing it afterward. Using Wooden Spikes is most common.

It’s a simple process to tame a wild animal. Watch the taming meter slowly fill up by placing meat or berries in the inventory of the unconscious carnivore or herbivore. However, you should also keep in mind the creature’s torpidity.

During those hour-long taming procedures, if the meter empties, the dinosaur will awaken and all your progress will be lost. If you want to increase the dino’s torpidity, you can bash it on the head with a club a few times (as long as you don’t kill it). However, this will decrease its taming effectiveness. Some dinosaurs lose torpor quickly like the Daedon, Giga and Theri.

If you want to ensure that your dino stays asleep during its taming, add some narcoberries or narcotics to its inventory, and click “consume” to force-feed it the substances, increasing its torpidity.

If you use an appropriate kibble, instead of meat or berries, the taming process will go 5 times faster, and the taming effectiveness won’t go down as much, leaving you with a better dinosaur after the taming is complete.

When you are experienced, taming will run by itself. Nevertheless, it may prove disastrous to newer players.

Taming ARK
Taming ARK

How To Put Food in Inventory ARK

  • PC: Face the dinosaur and press the F key
  • PS4: Hold the triangle button as you approach your tame to view its inventory
  • Xbox One: Stay close to the dinosaur and hold Y for more options. Press on “Access (the dinosaur’s) inventory”

Drag and drop the food item into the Dino Inventory slot.

Spyglass ARK Argentavis
Spyglass ARK Argentavis

How To Find High Level Dinos in ARK

The best way to find a specific creature is to know its preferred habitat. Sarcosuchus, for instance, inhabits swamps, Argentavis lives in mountains, while Mammoths and Direwolves inhabit snowy areas.

You should craft a Spyglass (5 Wood, 10 Hide, 10 Fibre, and 2 Crystal) before tracking down your target. You can use this tool to identify your future pet from a safe distance, reducing your chances of being eaten.

Spawn Map


If you’re confident in your dino’s abilities or just don’t care about its welfare, taking it into battle and killing other animals is a good way to level it up. XP increases as the difficulty of the target increases.

For the best leveling up method, check out our leveling guide.

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