How To Tame Desmodus ARK: Fastest Way

Desmodus is a game changing dinosaur in ARK Survival Evolved, with the ability to become invisible, harvest blood-packs,  boost imprint and increased taming on dinosaurs by 30%. To use all these amazing features we first need to tame it, here’s how:

Step 1. Collect 350 Blood packs for a 150 Tame

Step 2. Get close to the Desmodus, when nearby it will pick you up and start harvesting the blood packs

Step 3. It will drop and pick you up until the taming is completed, this will not yield a 100% taming effectiveness

Read on to learn how to Maximize the effectiveness and make taming effortless.

Desmodus – Survive The ARK

How To Get 100% Taming Effectiveness on Desmodus?

When it comes to taming effectiveness we have to take help of a small to medium sized dinosaur. Recommened is Moschops, Stego, Parasaur. The higher health , the faster taming effectiveness goes up.

Desmodus taming effectiveness can be increased by allowing it to harvest blood from our own dinosaurs, this is done by commanding your dinosaur close to the Desmodus. We recommend giving your dinosaur blood pack in its inventory, this way the Desmodus will not harm it, only harvest blood packs in its inventory.

The Desmodus will pick up your dinosaur, harvest blood then drop down. This process will be continued until your dinosaur dies. For each time the taming effectiveness will increase while taming % will remain at 0.

As it reaches 100 Taming effectiveness, take away your dinosaur and get the Desmodus to target you. Now the Taming process will start to kick in, this yields a 97-100% taming effectiveness.

Harvest Blood Packs For Taming?

Blood Pack

When Taming a 150 Bloodstalker or Desmodus we notice what an absurd amount of blood-pack they require. However, there is now a new method to make gathering blood packs incredibly easy. Any Level Desmodus has the ability to harvest blood packs from any dinosaur, its basic left-click attack will harvest blood packs from wild dinosaurs.

Tame a low level Desmodus since they will require less than 50 blood packs to tame, then use it to gather a large amount of blood packs to tame the godly level 150. Best to target high health dinosaurs such as Brontosaurus and Paracer.

Spawn Location Desmodus? Exact Location

These vile creatures are found deep in caves, watch out. They are rarely alone

Desmodus location

lat 85, lon 05
lat 68, lon 36
lat 90, lon 78

Desmodus Abilities

If you can tame one of these creatures, you can take advantage of their eerie abilities. Make your enemies scatter with their unsettling cries. Send Desmodus to capture small prey for you. Let its uncanny ability to disappear into darkness be your personal stealth mode. In its saliva, Desmodus has a blood thinner that drains prey of more blood than the vampire can ever digest. You might be able to appreciate one more of your vampire pet’s unholy gifts, the sanguine elixir that will enthrall the most stubborn beasts and boost your babies.

Left Click : Life steal and gathering of Blood packs

Right Click. Pick up small dinosaurs and life steal by holding R as the dinosaur is picked up. This will give you an option to “Turn on Life Steal” Remeber that this feature works on allies and enemies so be careful to not kill any of your own!

Hold Right Click: Creature and riding player becomes invisible, wild dinosaurs will not aggro you no matter how close you are.

Hold Left Click : Echolocation, pings similar to the parasaur where the enemy player or dinosaur is


Sanguine Elixir  

New consumable crafted in Desmodus inventory and costs 200 blood packs, this is by far the most hyped about this creature.
After the elixir is made, consume it near a knock-down creature to give 30% taming directly or near a baby dinosaur to grant them a 30% imprint bonus.

This elixir can only be used once per dinosaur

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