How To Tame Andrewsarchus ARK : Fastest Guide

Andrewsarchus Taming method is very similar to the Equus on ARK: Survival Evolved,

Step 1. Throw Honey on the ground next to the dinosaur

Step 2. The Andrewsarchus will eat the honey, as it consumues it sneak up behind it and press RIDE

Step 3. The Taming begins as you mount it, a “minigame” will begin where you will have to swing LEFT/RIGHT depending on the indicators provided.

Depending on the player’s skill and the server rates you play on, this process will have to be repeated. If the taming is interrupted by a wild dinosaur, structure or fail in the minigame the dinosaur will throw you off hence forcing you to repeat the process. Video Guide on this specific process

Honey Spawn location on Fjordur ARK :

33LAT, 61Lon

45LAT, 95Lon

Taming Andrewsarchus ARK : Detailed

Passive taming is the hallmark of the Andrewsarchus. Consequently, you can’t tame it by knocking it out and placing food in its inventory. Giant Bee Honey is the special food that you will need to give it. You can throw out the Honey by placing it in your hotbar and pressing the relevant key. Andrewsarchus will target the Honey and eat it. To tame them, you’ll have to jump up on their backs once they’ve finished eating. Taming this animal is similar to taming the Equus, but you’ll need to match the direction the arrows are pointing in.

You will see two bars on the Andrewsarchus. Your first bar will display a state of taming completion. Below it is a red bar showing how angry the dinosaur is with you for taming it. The Andrewsarchus will need to calm down before you can try to tame them again if you press too many wrong buttons. If your bar gets too high, you can jump off and throw them a bit more Honey, and repeat the process until they are tamed. In addition, if there are extra Andrewsarchus around your chosen tame, they will all aggro on you, and you will be unable to tame. Lure the ones you don’t wish to tame away, or kill.

Where does Andrewsarchus SPAWN?

With the current information available, here are the spawn location:

Exact coords:
Lat 55 – Lon 32.
Lat 24 – Lon 71
Lat 42 – Lon 83
Lat 46 – Lon 93.4

What Can Andrewsarchus Do?

Now that the dinosaur has been tamed, let’s gain more insight on what it does.

A cousin to the Daedon, the Andrewsarchus closely resembles modern-day warthogs. Contrary to the healing Daedon, the Andrewsarchus is much more battle oriented. The Andrewsarchus can be turned into a mobile turret once it is tamed with the help of their saddle.

In PvP, this will be a great weapon against tames such as Gigas, who are highly damaging, but have low stamina. You can run away while they are attacking you. By using your alternate fire, you can fire Advanced Rifle Bullets from the turret saddle.

It appears that most bullets are hitscan, and the quality of your saddle will affect the damage to your turret. Additionally, you can’t speed forward and drift when you are in turret mode.

It’s Abilities:

Increased movement-speed, functions exactly like the Woolly Rhino. Can break trees and rocks in it’s way when fully charged ( Sprint Key)

Equus Kick with extra power, pushes smaller dinosaurs and players away ( Right Click on PC)

Mini-Gun Mode, similar to aiming on a mounted dinosaur. It requires you to have a saddle and the gun’s damage can scale if you find blueprints of this saddle

The dinosaur doesn’t need a saddle but they do have a mounted minigun saddle that can target foes, while the driver stays safe inside their airtight armored enclosure. Though a fully-armored Andrewsarchus can’t absorb as much damage as some of the ARK’s larger creatures, it still excels at harassing them.

Goodluck on the adventure on Fjordur, before visiting we recommend to grab some fast levels


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