How to Tame a Woolly Rhino in ARK?

A Tamed Woolly Rhino has the abilities to take down any creature when fully charged, apart from damage it has plenty of more uses. But how do we actually tame it?

Locate the Wild Woolly Rhino in cold location in ARK. Tame it by walking up to the passive Rhino and place 3 Metal Billboard around it, knock the dinosaur out then feed berries.

Woolly Rhino Taming Process

Once the dinosaur has been trapped in the billboards, you need to start knocking it out. There are a few ways you can do this, but keeping a good distance is the key to knocking it out. It is possible for them to pack a punch if you get too close to them.

  • Using a crossbow and tranq arrows is fast and cheap. Make sure you have an extra crossbow in case it breaks
  • Longneck with dart, these guarantee safety and no need to bring an extra longneck


You can place the taming food in the Woolly Rhinos inventory along with some Narcotic once it is unconscious. It will then eat the food unconsciously.

Torpor levels should be monitored. Make sure the torptor doesn’t  rise too high and awaken the Woolly Rhino. To raise torpor, right-click the Narcotic and feed it another.

It takes 42 minutes to tame a 150 with kibble. When you’ve tamed the creature, a notification will appear letting you know it’s tamed and you can name it. Change its settings as soon as the naming is done to avoid losing it.

What do Rhino Taming Eat in ARK?

To tame the Woolly Rhino, you will have to feed it, and there are a variety of foods you can use. The Woolly Rhino likes the following foods (in order of effectiveness):

  • Superior Kibble
  • Crops
  • Mejoberry
  • Other Berries

A dinosaur will be tamed faster if the food is placed higher on the list. Dinos always respond best to kibbles, but only if you give them the one they like, other types will not work.

However, regular mejoberries will do just fine for the early level rhinos. Alternatively, if you are aiming for higher levels, consider acquiring more advanced foods. You save a lot of time and resources this way.

Rhino Taming Leveling In ARK

If you have a tamed Rhino in your party, you must maximize its damage. As damage increases, it will be able to farm more items and kill any dinosaur, including Rexes, Alpha Raptors, and Alpha Carnos. Increasing a Rhino’s stamina can also be done by leveling up, but early on, it is not necessary.

Uses for Tame Rhino Taming

In order to better understand what Rhino can do, let’s look at a few of its great features.

  • Charged Running:. Rhinos will knock down trees when they sprint. By doing this, you will clear a path for the rest of your tribe, as well as for larger dinosaurs. Great for travel.
  • Charged Running Attack: Rhinos gained popularity in 2017 when the charged attack became popular, as the woolly Rhino gains max momentum its main attack deals 15x increase in damage.

To charge, hold the sprint key while moving forward.

  • Left Shift (PC)
  • Left Stick (PS4/5)
  • Left Stick (Xbox)


In order to perform a charged attack, press the primary attack key/button.

  • LMB ( PC)
  • RT (PS4/5)
  • R2 (Xbox)

Additional information about the Woolly Rhino

A Woolly Rhino is neither aggressive nor pacifistic. The Rhinos will attack you only if you attack them first, and if you attack them, the other Rhinos around you will also attack you. There is a high probability that Woolly Rhinos will be found with other animals of the same kind.

Woolly Rhinos are prehistoric rhinoceros that have brown fur coats to protect themselves from the cold. When you kill a Woolly Rhino, you will receive Raw Meat, Hide, Pelt, Keratin, and Woolly Rhino Horn.

Rhino Horns are given when killed and can be used to craft the Broth of Enlightenment. It is common for players to hunt rhinos because they provide a great deal of raw meat and hide. If you wish to survive and become a powerful force, you will need both of these resources.

The Rhino lives most commonly in the Whitesky Peak mountain range on the left side of The Island. Rhinos produce medium-sized feces.


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