How To Tame A Unicorn In ARK

To tame a Unicorn can be tricky without the right knowledge

Thanks to the right advice, the correct location, and the best food in their inventory, many players could see themselves riding this unicorn in no time.

Tame the Unicorn by equipping rockarrot to your inventory then mount the wild creature, calm it down by feeding it (PRESS E). After a few feeds it will be tamed.

Tamed Unicorn ARK: SE

How To Tame a Unicorn ARK?

To tame a Unicorn is such a challenge, it can often seem pointless. Their appearance isn’t as deadly as that of the Triceratops or as adorable as that of the Dodo.

Unicorns, however, make perfect dinosaur companions. It can bring a vast amount of value to any player’s game since it is essentially a jack of all trades. As one of the fastest animals available, it excels at fighting battles, gathering resources, and exploring.

Unicorns have the same spawn as Equuses in Ark Survival Evolved but the chance of a unicorn spawning over an equus is 1% chance. Only 1 can spawn.

Locate Unicorn

Locate the Unicorn to tame

The first step is the biggest  struggle. Fortunately, it does appear on every map in the game, but only in certain locations:

If you cannot find a Unicorn, kill ALL nearby dinosaurs and go out of render then back in. Eventually one will appear

Sneaking up on Unicorn ARK

Begin Taming the Unicorn in ARK

To Tame a Unicorn first it has been found by the player. When approaching this creature, you should take your time and be cautious since they are prone to getting startled and running away quickly. Approach the Unicorn from behind or wear a ghillie. In addition, it’s important to ensure the area is cleared of any threats since this is a relatively quick process.

After sneaking up on the Equus, the player starts the taming by feeding it. To feed it, equip food in your last item slot, as soon as the player has fed it they need to quickly mount; this is the only way to effectively feed and tame the Unicorn. Once mounted the creature will certainly try to buck players off so they need to be ready to try and stay on by pressing E to feed, or the respective button. Repeat the feeding when the unicorn does an “angered” animation”. This calms it and increases the taming process.

To summarize, the player must:

  • Sneak up to it
  • Feed the Unicorn Once
  • Mount the unicorn
  • Calm it by feeding it
  • Feed and repeat process until tamed

Feeding Unicorn ARK

What Do Unicorns Eat in ARK to tame it?

While the Unicorn will take most foods, it’s vital to choose the most efficient item when taming this creature, especially since it’s such a challenge to complete.

To tame unicorns in ark, we use Rockarrots or Kibbles. The ideal number of Simple Kibbles is 12 for each player. The reason for this is that it only requires the smallest amount of resources and takes the second shortest time to tame it. When taming something like this, it can be particularly helpful. In the absence of Kibble, the player will need around 30 Rockarrots to tame this creature. Here are the best foods rated best to worse

  • Simple Kibble :42 minutes tame but less resources used
  • Rockaroot : 34 minute tame
  • Crops : 2h 20 minute Taming Process
  • Veggie cakes : 3h Taming Process

Berries work to tame this but it can take up to 10 hours and we doubt anyone wants to spend that much time riding 1 tame.

Sprinting Unicorn

Uses for a Tamed Unicorn

Why you should tame a unicorn in ark, here we go into their abilities to better understand their uses

Unicorn kick

Back Kick

Players, tames, and wild animals can be knocked out by the Unicorn’s powerful kick with its hindlegs, which deals damage and induces torpor.

Controls by default:

  •     RMB ( PC)
  •     L2 ( PS4)
  •     LT ( Xbox)


Speed is bred into this creature. You can use it to explore the island or run into a tricky fight before the creature or another player notices you. The element of speed is desirable among many tamable creatures in Ark.


Setting the Unicorn to gather is also a wonderful idea if riding the Equus is not your primary objective. There is no doubt that this dinosaur will be able to gather enough berries to satisfy the player’s needs for a long time.

Additional Information about the Unicorn


The Unicorn appears as a rare variant of the Equus, trotting around passively. Humans startle them and cause them to run away. These Creatures are even harder to find since there is only one wild Unicorn at a time.


It has long been known that unicorns and men are partners in survival, and this is still true today. Unicorns provide survivors with a trusty steed or pack animal that can carry them across the land swiftly.

Some survivors have even built special saddles for Unicorns because of their reliability. A man even added extra saddle-pouches that served as mobile craft stations for chemical supplies, food, and other items.

It’s common for survivors to use Unicorn whips or lassos to herd other creatures! It’s possible to use these tools for self-defense as well, as a tamed unicorn cannot defend itself on its own… at least not against aggressive prehistoric carnivores.

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