How To Tame a Sarco in Ark : Legacy Players Guide

To tame a sarco in Ark can be dangerous if you’re too close to swamps, their preferred habitat.

The Sarco offers flexibility and can be used as a companion throughout Ark: Survival Evolved. Although taming this dinosaur is considered easy, it still requires skill, knowledge, and the right tools. Here’s a Legacy Players Guide

  • Locate the Sarco
  • Knock it out using tranquillisers
  • To tame it, feed it meat
  • Equip saddle trough it’s inventory

Wild Sarco to Tame ARK

Sarco Taming Process

To tame a Sarco may be dangerous without the right skill, here we will go into detail how to remain safe and tame this beast.

Like most modern crocodiles, Sarcosuchus excubitor attacks with its massive elongated jaws. In their river habitats, they often lie perfectly still and wait for the right moment to ambush their unsuspecting prey.

You will need the following to tame it:

  • Crossbow with tranq arrows: Cheap and fast, bring an extra crossbow just in case
  • Longneck with tranq darts: more durable and knocks out faster


While it may sound too simple to be true, using your legs is the fastest and easiest method. The first step to taming a wild Sarco is to lure it to an open area so it cannot sneak up on you or escape. Shoot it once to make it follow you

Once you are happy with the location start firing tranquillisers until it falls asleep, now it’s time for feeding it. Use their preferred taming food and keep an eye at the knockout meter, if it gets low feed it some  narcotics to keep it asleep

Luring Sarco Out to tame ARK

What Do Sarco Eat in ARK?

The Sarco can be tamed with a variety of foods. Foods that the dinosaur like are listed below (from best to worst):

  • Regular Kibble : The highest tier food the Sarco likes and will tame it in an “instant”
  • Prime Meat : Gather from higher tier dinosaurs such as argentavis, brontos and stegos.
  • Mutton : Harvested from the Ovis, this is one of the few cases a dinosaur prefer prime meat over mutton
  • Raw Meat : Not recommended but it is possible 3h+ to complete taming

Top-of-the-list food can help you tame dinosaurs more quickly. If your dinosaurs like the type of kibble you give them, feeding them kibble can be beneficial. There are other types that won’t work.

It is possible to tame the early level sarcos with just raw meat. We recommend kibble and prime meat for higher levels since it saves time and resources.

Knocked Out Sarco ARK: Survival Evolved

Sarco Levelling In ARK

This creature is prone to being fast in water and this is exactly what it’s used for, hunting prey underwater and exploring caves. Level damage and health to hunt down predators

Uses for a Tamed Sarco

Here are a few of the amazing features the creature offers.

Lunge Attack Ark Sarco ARK

Lunge Attack: Sarcos lunge at enemies beyond their reach to bite them down and close the distance.

Default Controls:

  • Hold C ( PC)
  • Right Stick ( PS4)
  • Right Stick ( Xbox)

Spin Attack Crocodile Ark

Spin Attack: The Sarco bites and twists the whole creature around

Default Controls:

  • RMB ( PC)
  • L2 ( PS4)
  • LT ( Xbox)

Underwater Fight Sarco Ark

Additional Information about the Sarcosuchus


There are times when they will scurry onto land to attack prey (including humans). In spite of their lack of health, they are faster, have more stamina, and can move on land. In addition to being highly alert, they are also extremely dangerous. Even jumping on (through) boats has been reported. To chase prey, they can also travel long distances.

Because of their strength and health, they are excellent hunters; in packs, they can take on the famous  Tyrannosaurus, which makes them excellent guards as well. Even with a large dinosaur mount, they are dangerous due to their arsenal of attacks.


It is estimated that Sarcosuchus can reach a length of 45 feet, which is a large species of crocodylomorpha. Their skulls are massive for their size, with large, bulbous noses. In general, they are greenish-brown in colour, with dark black patches. The backs of Sarcosuchus are lined with spikes, not only to protect them against competing predators, but also to defend them from other Sarcosuchus. For moving through the rivers they inhabit, they have long and powerful tails.

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