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To Tame Raptor can be tricky but with the help of a professional ARK player this process will be made much easier.

The tame offers more flexibility and can be used as a companion throughout Ark: Survival Evolved, they offer many unique abilities allowing you to tame, kill and hunt dinosaurs. This is a must have tame for any survivor early game.

Tame the Raptor by using a bola on it then proceed to knock out with a crossbow, the raptor is a carnivore and will eat raw meat to finish taming. When knocking out make sure you aim at the head and have spare narcotics to keep it sedated.

Chasing DInosaur
Chasing Dinosaur

Raptor Taming Process

One of the most iconic dinosaurs is the raptor. They are deadly, fast, and very smart. Almost every new player is scrambling to tame one as fast as they can in Ark: Survivor Evolved owing to the fact that you can ride them. In order to tame one, you will need to prepare the items. Let’s get to it

To begin, the Raptor can be locked in place using bolas. With Bola, you can lock any small or medium-sized dinosaur for 30 seconds. Once the creature is locked in place, the real taming can begin. It is necessary to knock out the bolad creature in order to tame it. A bow with tranq arrows works at low levels. In order to be able to handle a raptor over level 90, you need tranq arrows and a crossbow. Make sure to aim at it’s head

Raptor Bola ARK
Raptor Bola ARK
  • Bow + Tranq Arrows : Low Levels
  • Crossbow + Tranq Arrows : Higher Level
  • Longneck with darts work at any levels but costs more resources

The raptors’ torpor drains fairly slowly, as long as you use prime meat or higher tiered food you can tame without narcotics. Place Simple Kibble or prime meat  in its inventory, 17 prime meat ro 7 simple kibble.

When you tame the creature, you will be asked to name it. Once you have named it, saddle it and ride away!

Here’s how to tame a Raptor in steps:

  1. Bola The Raptor
  2. Knock it out
  3. Feed it food until it’s tamed
  4. Equip Saddle
Raptor Knocked Out
Raptor Knocked Out

What Do Raptors Eat in ARK?

A variety of foods can be used to tame the Raptor. Dinosaurs liked the following foods (from best to worst):

  • Simple Kibble
  • Raw Mutton : Mutton is given from Ovis
  • Prime Meet : Given from all higher tier dinosaurs

Basically, the better the food, the better the Raptor’s level will be.

The reason we don’t list raw meat is the time it will take, you can tame it with raw meat or fish meat but it will take 5+ hours.

Raptor Levelling In ARK

This creature has a few options for levelling but there are of course stats that are better put, they have two main uses that are travel and kill. For travelling level stamina while for killing damage.

Uses for a Tamed Raptor

Here are some of the amazing features they offer to give you a better understanding of what they can do.

Tame Raptor Pounch
Tame Raptor Pounch


Raptors can pounce on their prey, enabling them to disable small creatures and survivors.

It is possible for the Raptor to kill those unfortunate enough to be alone while it is on top of its prey, because it can attack it repeatedly for a long period of time. This ability was active on wild raptors but was removed and is only available on tamed ones. ( Aberrant Raptors can still pounch!)

Default Controls:

  • RMB ( PC)
  • L2 ( PS4)
  • LT ( Xbox)

Pack Bonus:

Having multiple raptors allows usage of pack bonus, this is an ability that the strongest raptor can use (highest level).

The pack’s alpha vocalises, causing the others to follow, which boosts movement speed, attack speed, and resistance to damage for 45 seconds.

You can use this buff whenever you’re about to start a fight or when you’re running away from enemies.

Raptors can easily take down larger predators with this ability, which increases the performance of their packs.

Default Controls:

  • C ( PC)
  • Hold Right Analog ( PS4)
  • Hold Right Analog ( Xbox)

How to Hatch Parasaur Eggs in ARK

Obtain the egg

When you have a male and female dinosaur, Put both dinos next to each other and set them to “mating” via the command menu.

Mating has a cooldown, so make sure it hasn’t mated recently. There is an 18- to 48-hour breeding interval for Raptors.

During incubation, keep the egg at a steady temperature.

  • Air Conditioners x 4
  • Egg Incubator

The temperature and time at which you incubate an egg will vary. The best option here is to use an air conditioner or an egg incubator. You will be able to regulate the temperature with their help.

Temperatures between 20°C and 28°C are recommended for the egg. It usually takes about two hours for the little raptor baby to hatch according to official 1x settings. Once that’s done, you need to keep adding meat to its inventory for about four hours.

As soon as it reaches juvenile status, it is able to feed itself from a feeder on its own. The maturation process takes about a day and a half.

Additional Information about the Raptor


A subspecies of Utahraptor called Utahraptor prime lives on the island and is extremely aggressive. With its sharp teeth and enlarged foreclaws, it attacks smaller prey in small packs. It is common for pack leaders to use vocal signals as battle cries when they hunt in packs. You should be prepared to run or fight if you hear the Utahraptor’s call! Repeated calls will result in a much more intense attack by the pack. Swarming around their prey before it has a chance to react, Utahraptors are one of the faster creatures on the island. In this subspecies, the large curved talon on the second toe appears particularly suited for dealing significant damage. In rapid succession, Utahraptors usually slash and bite their prey.


Utahraptors make up for their small size with their ingenuity. In order to pin its prey to the ground rather than chase it around, Utahraptor pounces on its prey and pins it down. In spite of their normally aggressive nature, Utahraptors have become a primary combat mount for raiding bands and scouts for larger groups. They are hard to tame, but they are fiercely loyal, claim those who ride Utahraptor. Once tamed, they require a steady supply of meat to survive.

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