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To tame a Pteranodon may be tricky for some but not for you after this guide.

In Ark: Survival Evolved, players will encounter many dinosaurs, including the Pteranodon. Almost always, the creature is the first flier gamers try to tame. To tame the flying dinos, beginners and players on a new server need to craft the necessary items.

Tame the Pteranodon by first catching it with a bola and knocking it out with a club. Feed it with raw meat to complete the taming, finish all up with a saddle. A club allows the player to tame pteranodon up to level 30, when going above this level you will be needing tranq arrows  + bow to tame.

Pteranodon Taming Process

Because Pteranodon are low-level creatures, gamers will not need upgraded weapons and gear to tame the creature. Instead, players can use the primitive crossbow and bola to down the dinosaur. Using the crossbow alone will not be sufficient, as Pteranodon over level 20 will usually fly away after being hit.

However, gamers can fire an additional tranquilizer arrow to down the dino if they trap it with bola. Two shots will down the Pteranodon, allowing players to begin taming it. Any Pteranodon over level 100 can break free from bola and fly away. Aim at their head and you’re guaranteed to knock them out before time runs out. Having at least a couple of bola is also a good idea, since accidents do happen. While a spyglass is not necessary, it will simplify the process of identifying the right Ptera.

  • Crossbow + Tranq arrows : Easily tame any level Ptera

Pteranodons can be tamed using raw meat. Almost every dinosaur roaming the map can be harvested for raw meat. The use of prime meat is not necessary, but it will have a quicker effect, just as with kibble.

Giving the creature food alone begin taming but may wake up. It will be necessary for gamers to have some narcotics on hand in order gurantees that it stays asleep. A general rule of thumb is that 20 narcotics should suffice to subdue any Ptera. It will take less narcotics to tame the creature if it is fed prime meat or kibble.

Bola The Wild Ptera

Here’s how to tame a Pteranodon in steps:

  1. Bind the Pteranodon
  2. Knock it out with tranq arrows
  3. Feed it food until it’s tamed
  4. Equip a saddle by accessing its inventory

What Do Pteranodon Eat in ARK?

The Pteranodon can be tamed with a variety of foods. We listed the food that grants the best and fastest taming (from best to worst):

  • Regular Kibble
  • Raw Mutton : Mutton is given from Ovis
  • Prime Meet : Given from all higher tier dinosaurs

Dinosaurs can be tamed more quickly with food at the top of the list. You can feed dinosaurs with kibble, but only if they like the kind you give them. It won’t work with other kinds.

The early level ptera can be tamed with just regular raw meat. We recommend kibble at higher levels since it saves time and resources.

Pteranodon Leveling In ARK

If you have a tamed Pteranodon, your main focus should be increasing its stamina. Flying speed and distance will increase as stamina increases. It is also important to level up a Ptera’s weight early on, but it is not necessary.

Uses for a Tamed Pteranodon

We’ll take a look at a few of pteras amazing features to get a better understanding of what they can do.

Skilled Fliers:

Pteranodons are excellent when used for flying combat, as they’re capable of moving swiftly through the air and have a relatively small hitbox. This makes them difficult for players to strike with a gun or other projectile weapon, especially those that are on the ground. Auto-tracking weapons can still prove to be a bit of a problem, but players should be able to avoid these things relatively easily thanks to the Pteranodon’s flight speed and maneuverability.


As long as it can handle the weight, the Pteranodon can grab smaller creatures and survivors.

In addition to transporting survivors and small creatures, this can be used to pick enemies off the land or their tames

Default Controls:

  • RMB ( PC)
  • L2 ( PS4)
  • LT ( Xbox)

Barellroll Ptera


Pteranodons can perform an Aileron roll (also known as barrel rolls) which causes them to do a quick 360° dash in the air, damaging their enemies as they go.

Default Controls:

  • C ( PC)
  • Hold Right Analog ( PS4)
    Hold Right Analog ( Xbox)

Baby Pteranodon ARK

How to Hatch Ptera Eggs in ARK

Obtain the egg

In order to get fertilized eggs, you must breed a female and a male. Enable breeding setting to begin mating.

There is a cooldown on mating, so make sure the creature hasn’t mated recently. There is an 18-48-hour breeding interval for the tame.

During incubation, eggs should be kept at a steady temperature.

  • Air Conditioners x 2
  • Egg Incubator

The temperature and time at which you incubate an egg will vary. The best option here is to use an air conditioner or an egg incubator. You will be able to regulate the temperature with their help.

The ambient temperature of the egg should be between 29 and 31 degrees Celsius. Pteranodon babies hatch after about 1.5 hours, according to official 1 x settings. During this time, you keep adding meat to its inventory for about 3-4 hours.

As soon as it reaches juvenile status, it can feed on troughs on its own. It takes about 1 day and 13 hours for the entire process to mature.

Additional Information about the Pteranodon


Pteranodons have long crests, large, bat-like wings, and needle-like teeth.


As far as I have seen on this island, Pteranodon wyvernus is the largest pterosaur capable of flying the fastest. As a result, it has relatively poor stamina, making frequent pit stops on the beaches before taking off again.

It is inaccurate to call it a Pterodactyl, as some humans still do on the island. Due to its poor fighting and defensive skills, Pteranodon wyvernus prefers to scavenge dead animals rather than engage in dangerous combat. Whenever trouble appears, they flee. Due to this, they are a common sight darting across the island’s skies.


Among all the flying companions I have observed, pteranodons seem to be the most popular, perhaps because they are relatively easy to tame. Pteranodons must be one of the safest and fastest ways to travel around the island, but they do not provide any measure of defense compared to land travel.

Advanced Tame Guide

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