How to Tame a Chalicotherium in ARK

To tame a Chalicotherium can be tricky without the right knowledge, this sloth looking creature has a hidden love for actual beer.

Players could see themselves riding this Chalicotherium within minutes with the right advice, the correct location, and the special food in their inventory.

Tame the Chalicotherium by equipping  Beer Jars to your inventory then sneak behind it and feed. Repeat process until tamed

how to tame a chalicotherium in ark
how to tame a chalicotherium in ark

Chalicotherium Taming Process

Chalicotherium cannot be tamed through the standard tranquilizer-and-feed method, and must be tamed nonviolently.

In the colder regions of the island, Chalicotherium is a peaceful herbivore that likes to laze around or play with its family. However, it is very territorial, and it will attack any unwanted creature, young or old, with the slightest provocation.

To prepare for this, we need the following items:

Ghillie Set

You will need to have a full set of this armor type in Ark to lower the chance of a dinosaur becoming aggressive. Resources required are:

  • Fiber : You can gather fiber from any bush in game by using the sicle
  • Hide : You can gather more hide by using hatch on any dinosaur you harvest
  • Organic Polymer : Gathered with a club from penguins and mantises to maximize the amount.
Locate wild chalicotherium
Locate wild chalicotherium

Locate the Chalicotherium

The first step is of course to locate it, found on all maps in the colder regions spawning in smaller packs of 1-3. Below we combined all the spawning locations to give you a better idea!

Chalicotherium Sneak up to tame
Chalicotherium Sneak up

Begin Taming it

Once found, the player can tame Chalicotherium. Because this creature is prone to aggressive behavior, you should take your time when approaching. Approach the Chalicotherium from behind and wear a ghillie.

In order to tame the dinosaur, the player must sneak up on it and feed it. To feed it, equip beer in your last item slot, as soon as the player has fed it they need to get some distance and wait a 1 minute before feeding again. When the taming bar is close to completion, it will need food more often. As it’s completed mount a saddle and enjoy all they have to offer.

In summary, the player must:

  • Sneak up to it
  • Feed the Chalicotherium Beer
  • Repeat feeding until tamed
  • Mount a saddle
Feeding Chalicotherium
Feeding the wild dino

What Do Chalicotherium Eat in ARK?

The Chalicotherium is a beer-drinking creature from the Ark: Survival Evolved which only drinks beer when wild and when tamed they eat berries. To craft beer the following is needed:

  • Irrigated Beer Barrel
  • Berries
  • Thatch
  • Jar

Craft the beer by putting berries and thatch in a beer barrel and  it will begin to fermet, eventually you will get a liquid that you fill into your glass jar.

It takes a few hours for 1 beer to be ready, you will need a minimum of 5 to tame a higher level one so it’s best to craft many barrels or wait some extra days

Chalicotherium Uses
Chalicotherium Uses

Uses for a Tamed Chalicotherium

Chalicotherium have one unique ability that involves throwing feces and rocks, lets get into detail to fully understand their uses.

Chalicotherium Boulder Throw
Chalicotherium Boulder Throw

Boulder Throw

Chalicotheriums chuck large rocks at enemies, damaging and knocking them back. It has a max range of 14-15 foundations on flat ground meaning you can hit any creature from afar without them attacking you first, this ability will knock back the enemy hit.

Default Controls:

  • RMB ( PC)
  • L2 ( PS4)
  • LT ( Xbox)
Swipe Bushes in ARK
Swipe Bushes in ARK


From bushes and other plants, Chalicotherium can collect berries, seeds and thatch using its bite/swipe. When looking forward they will bite and when the camera is turned to a side they will sipe in that direction. If you notice they are able to farm the ingredients for beer.

Turret Mode

You can use the Chalicotherium as a mobile Catapult Turret, enable turret mode and it will automatically throw rocks at nearby enemies. Since it grabs them from the ground, you do not need ammunition.

chalicotherium turret mode
chalicotherium turret mode

Additional Information about the Chalico


As troops of them throw snowballs at each other like a war game, the creature seems to bear some rudimentary intelligence, similar to an otter. This also proves handy against predators like Hyaenodon, Direwolves, and even Daeodons.

In addition to living mostly in cold, snowy regions, they can also survive in jungles, grasslands, beaches, and even wastelands, except on Scorched Earth and Aberration.


The Chalicotherium is the strangest mammal on the island, looking like a mix between a horse, gorilla, bear, zebra, and sloth. Although the Chalicotherium walks on its knuckles like a gorilla, it has wicked claws instead of hands. The claws are used to pull leaves towards its mouth, but are deadly in combat. Compared to giant ground sloths such as Megatherium, the skull shape, tail shape, and patterning resemble those of an equine species.

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