How to Tame a Brontosaurus ARK?

To tame a brontosaurus you can use a fairly simple method. The brontosaurus is a herbivore and is passive until hit, we will use this when taming it.

The “shoot and run” method should be used once the bronto has been located. Load a crossbow and shoot it from a distance, keeping your distance as it pursues you. After 100 shots, it will fall down; their torpor will drop slowly, which means no narcotics will be necessary to complete the tame.

Brontosaurus Taming Process

Begin the tame by getting it knocked out, there are a few methods to getting it unconscious. Crossbows work the best due to the brontos’ high health and it’s relativly cheap. If you want to run less you could opt out for a longneck + darts.

  • Crossbow + tranq arrows, fast and cheap. Bring an extra crossbow since it may break
  • Longneck with dart, these guarantee safety but avoid shooting at the dodos head

In most cases, the shoot and run method is the best method. However, if you are in a tight location, you can place one bear trap and lure the bronto into it. When it gets stuck, surround it with stone gates

Brontosaurus torpor goes down extremely slowly and can remain knocked down for over 12 hours.  This makes it easy to take care of and apart from that no wild dinosaur attacks a bronto meaning you don’t need to protect it with spikes/walls

You will be prompted to name the creature once you’ve tamed the creature. Once you have named it, change its aggression setting to passive to avoid it from running away.

What Do Brontosaurus Eat in ARK?

A wide variety of food can be used to tame the bronto. Foods that the bronto will like are listed below (from best to worst):

Dinosaurs can be tamed faster if the food is higher on the list. There is always an advantage to giving dinos kibbles, but only if you give them the one they like, other kinds will have no effect at all.

But to tame the early level brontosaurus, just regular mejoberry will do just fine. Alternatively, if you’re looking for high-level, please consider them. It saves you quite a bit of time and resources.

Brontosaurus Leveling In ARK

The Brontosaurus is a versatile dinosaur to tame. When it comes to leveling there are a few stats that should be in focus. Health for PVP, Damage for Farming, Weight for moving Resources

Uses for a Tamed Bronto

Let’s look at a few of the great things that bronto can be used for in order to better understand what they are capable of.

Farm Resources: The brontosaurus is the new meta in farming on GEN1+2 due to it’s huge aoe farming ability ( the swing). Larger tribes farm 500.000+ Crystal, fiber and many more resources on these maps.

Defense for PVP: Due to their large aoe knockback, enemies cannot get into your base and their high health makes killing them time-consuming.

Transport Goods: Brontos can transport goods a great distance, but sometimes you need more than the bronto can handle. If you pack your resources on something like a high level parasaur or iguanodon, the platform-saddle only has to carry the Dinos drag weight, not the resources themselves!

How to Hatch Bronto Eggs in ARK

Obtain the egg

You will need to breed one female and one male to get a fertilized egg. To breed, two creatures of the same species must be of the opposite sex. To begin mating, enable the breeding setting.

There is a cooldown on mating, so make sure the creature hasn’t mated recently. Breeding intervals for Brontosaurus range from 18 to 48 hours.

To incubate an egg, you will need to keep it in an area with a steady temperature.

  • Air Conditioners x 14
  • Egg Incubator

The time and temperature at which you incubate an egg will vary. This is why air conditioners and egg incubators are the best choice. They will regulate the temperature for you.

Ideally, the egg should be between 28°C and 31°C. In accordance with the official servers, the small brontosaurus baby hatches after about five hours. You then devote another 9.5 hours to putting berries, vegetables, etc. (see above) in its inventory. You should pay attention to the imprint intervals every 8 hours to get the most out of your baby’s potential.

Once it reaches juvenile status, it can feed on its own from troughs. Maturation takes about 3 days and 20.5 hours.


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