How to Tame a Arthropleura ARK? : Exploits Included

To Tame a Arthropleura you will need to explore the caves and scorched land scattered across ARK: Survival Evolved’s maps

Arthropluera is a passive tame and requires spoiled meat. Walk up to it from behind and feed, repeat the process until tamed. Use Bug repellant to lower chance of it becoming aggressive

Arthropleura Sneaking Up
Arthropleura Sneaking Up

Arthropleura Taming Process

As stated earlier the Arthropleura requires a passive taming method by feeding it as it’s awake, it does get aggressive if you get too close or look at it from the front. The taming equipment you will need is anti-aggro items

  • Bug Repellant – Lowers aggro range of all bugs + insects
  • Cactus Broth – Lower Aggro range of all dinosaurs
  • Full set of Ghillie armor

We recommend to opt for at least 1 of these, begin the tame by locating it in caves or scorched land on any map. As found crouch behind it and feed as you are close enough

For a level 150 on official settings (1x) it will take 13 minutes to tame and about 25 spoiled meat.

Once you tame a Arthropleura you can name it, they are fragile and we recommend you cryopod them as tamed. To be ridden, craft their saddle.

Taming Exploit: Arthropleura can be tamed without any anti-aggro items in the Island Caves. Lure the desired one into the waters of a cave, as it loses aggro you can swim down and tame with ease.

Arthropleura Taming Eat
Arthropleura Taming Eat

What do Arthropleura eat in ARK?

A wide variety of food can be used to tame the Arthropleura . The following is a list of all the food the dino likes (from most effective to least effective):

  • Broth of Enlightenment
  • Spoiled Meat
  • Raw Meat

Effectiveness basically means that the higher the food is up the list, the faster the dinosaur will be tamed. Arthropluera has a special type of kibble that’s a consumable we players can use. Broth of Enlightenment boosts xp gain for 600 seconds but when taming a arthropleura it instantly tames them instead.

But for the early level Arthropleura, just regular spoiled meat will do just fine. On the other hand, if you are going for more high-level the Broth of Enlightenment will do the trick, tames faster than it took to locate.

Arthropleura Breeding
Arthropleura Breeding

Arthropleura Leveling In ARK

A Tamed Arthropleura is mainly use for PVP, they can damage all types of structures making it super-effective for raids. To damage the structures you of course max damage in stat, it is optional but health works too since they take extra damage from bullets. Here is how to Level it Fast

Uses for Tamed Arthropleura

Let’s look at a few of the great things that Arthropleura can be used for in order to better understand what they are capable of.

Damage Structures: Wild and Tamed Arthro can damage structures with it’s bite,the damage is scalable by increasing it’s damage due to this amazing ability they take extra damage from bullets.

  • LMB (for PC)
  • R2 (for PS4)
  • RT (for Xbox)

Spit Attack: Its spit attacks break armor durability more than any other dinosaur because of the acid they emit. This is the reason why your armor will randomly break when you fight one, and it only takes one hit to do so.

  • RMB ( PC)
  • L2 ( PS4)
  • LT ( Xbox)

Damage Reflection: If you have seen Fairy Tail, you know that the main character is able to reflect anything he touches. Similar to the Arthropleura, the Arthropleura will reflect a percentage of the damage when hit. Spread many around your base to prevent any enemy dinosaur from biting.

Nothing Aggros: Excellent for caves and killing whatever you want! If you ride it, nothing will attack you. Caves can be explored freely and dinosaurs can be damaged

Arthropleura Spit Acid Attack
Tamed Arthropleura Spit Acid Attack

How to Hatch Arthropleura Eggs in ARK

Obtain the egg

In order to obtain fertilized eggs, you will need to breed a female and a male. In order to breed, two creatures of the same species must be of the opposite sex. For mating to begin, enable breeding settings.

There is a cooldown on mating, so be sure the creature hasn’t recently mated.

A steady temperature is necessary to incubate an egg.

  • Air Conditioners x 14
  • Egg Incubator

When you incubate an egg, the time and temperature will vary. Therefore, air conditioners and egg incubators are the best choices. Temperature regulation will be handled by them.

Fertilized Arthropleura Egg
Fertilized Arthropleura Egg

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